County Attorney Selected for TAC Leadership Course

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – Houston County’s County Attorney Daphne Session has been selected by the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) to participate in a prestigious leadership development program.

“I am excited to be accepted into the program. I’m looking forward to it and I’m ready to get started,” the county attorney said. “I’m sure that I will receive some valuable information that I can bring back to Houston County.”

According to a press release from TAC, the program is known as Leadership 254 “… and is designed to advance the leadership skills of county officials to help them to meet the unique challenges of their duties. The program challenges and transforms participants into leaders who positively affect their counties and Texas.”

“I know a few of the people who have been through the program and they have all said it was really good. One of the people I know who has been through the program is our (Houston County) Auditor, Melissa (Mosley). She had a lot of positive things to say about the program,” Session said.

She added there are very few programs available to public officials which help develop leadership skills while in the private sector, the opportunities are abundant.

“If an individual is in business, he or she could find something to do with leadership or management but there are very few for those of us (county officials) who do what we do, she said.

The media release from TAC indicated only 24 county officials – representing a variety of county offices – from the across the Lone Star State have been selected for participation in the 2017-18 Leadership 254 class.

“The program’s theme is ‘Reflect, Grow and Transform.’ Curriculum will challenge participants to grow as leaders through skills assessments, discussion, theory building, self-examination and experiential learning. The group will attend four training modules lasting two to three days each over the course of 14 months. The first module is scheduled in February 2017,” the TAC Press release stated.

According to the TAC website, the modules are:

  • Exploring New Dimensions of Self and your Relationship with Others
  • Decision Making, Integrity and Civility
  • Leading Others: Your Team, Peers, Constituents
  • Transformational Leadership and Yourself

“The conferences are held in different locations throughout the state and the first one is going to be held in Graham, Texas. There is one in Fredericksburg, another in Austin and the last one is in Glenn Rose,” Session said.

Participants’ tuition fees for the program are paid for by TAC.

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