Jones Indicted in Lockhart Murder

Houston County Grand Jury Returns 18 Indictments in June

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – A Houston County Grand Jury met with Houston County District Attorney Donna Kaspar and Assistant DA Roger White on Wednesday, June 12 and returned 12 indictments without capias. Another six cases were also indicted but have pending capias.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, “In the common law system of the United States, a capias warrant is essentially an order to arrest and detain an individual for the purpose of guaranteeing a court appearance.”

Included among the 12 indictments returned by the Grand Jury was one for 46-year-old Willie James Jones for the murder of Artimas Dewayne Lockhart.

As previously reported, during the early morning hours of March 26, Lockhart was gunned down as he sat in his car in the 100 block of Lewis Circle.

At the time of the incident, Crockett Police Chief Clayton Smith stated, “At around 1:30 am or 1:45 am, our guys were dispatched to the 100 block of Lewis Circle in reference to a gunshot victim. When the officers arrived at the scene they found a 33-year-old male with two apparent gunshot wounds. They administered CPR until EMS arrived. Once EMS arrived, they initially administered CPR but ultimately, the subject passed away.”

Smith reported there was an eyewitness to the shooting who identified Jones as the gunman. At the time of the murder, Jones was on parole and had an active warrant for his arrest.

Once the initial investigation had concluded, the police chief provided several details of the murder.

“Jones walked up on the victim and his girlfriend as they were sitting in a car and discharged his firearm twice into the driver’s side window, striking the victim. The victim did return fire and struck the suspect with what appears to be non-life threatening injuries,” Smith said.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Jones and he was apprehended at approximately 7 am in Lufkin.

“He went to a family member’s house,” Smith explained. “Once he arrived at the family member’s house, he apparently realized he needed some attention and he called 911. Initially, they (EMS / law enforcement officials) were not aware of what we were working but then they found out, contacted us and we explained what had happened.”

Jones was transported to a Houston-area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He remained under constant supervision by an officer with Crockett PD until he was medically cleared for transport back to Houston County.

It is unknown whether a motive has been established.

Seven of the 11 other indictments involved drug possession charges. One was for assault and attempted sexual assault, one was for cruelty to non-livestock animals, one was for child endangerment and one was for injury to a child.

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