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Ho. Co. Sheriff Announces Resignation

Sheriff Darrell Bobbitt

Effective Date March 31

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – In an e-mail to local media outlets, Houston County Sheriff Darrell Bobbitt has announced he will resign his position as the county’s top law enforcement official on March 31. 

“To all the very special people of Houston County,” the e-mail stated, “whom I think of as friends and family, it is with much consideration and heartfelt thought that I tender my resignation as Sheriff effective March 31, 2020. It seems like yesterday, nearly 20 years ago that you, the citizens of Houston County gave me the greatest honor of my life, to serve as your sheriff.”

The sheriff stated he could remember talking to the staff on his very first day in office where he made a promise that he would work to leave the office in better shape than he had found it. Bobbitt added it was his sincere hope that he had fulfilled this promise.

“Being your sheriff was a dream come true for me. I don’t remember a day in all these years where I didn’t wake up excited and ready to come to work. Not everyone can say that about their profession,” he expressed in the e-mail.

“I’ve been one of the most blessed men alive to have had the opportunity to serve as your sheriff all these years. Words cannot truly express what each of you mean to me. You all have a special place in my heart,” Bobbitt stated.

The sheriff explained he felt it was time to do something else and had decided not to seek re-election. His plan, Bobbitt furthered, was to look for future opportunities during his last year in office.

“Well, the story goes like this – a new job opportunity has come my way and I’ve accepted their offer. I hope and pray that this new job brings me as much happiness and joy that Houston County did. Until I see you again, I pray that God richly blesses each of you, and may God bless Houston County,” he said.

An interim sheriff will be appointed once Bobbitt leaves office at the end of this month.

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