THE WEEKENDER: Speaker Pelosi Added to The No Fly List


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I heard myself say that I’m tired of politics.  Shame on me.  Politics and political action is everywhere!  Everyone who is in a social or fraternal type organization has to deal with politics.  Religious organizations are not exempt and often the site of bitter debate!  If you think politics aren’t at work in the work place then you are probably falling behind.  While you are not looking someone is putting their foot in your back to get ahead.  The power and greed exhibited at the national level of our government force life changes and wealth and potentially prison!  It’s crazy but occasionally something happens that is just downright funny!  Of course, that depends on Your politics!

Today such an event occurred.  As we all know, for several weeks the government has been partly shutdown.  Nothing funny about that.  Our President and some Democratic Party leaders are at big time odds about border security and a border wall so our Nation’s budget isn’t getting resolved.  I’m trying to be fair about this, so for the purpose of this article I’ll say the demos don’t want the wall and the President does.  The whole debate has reached personal insults surpassing normal. It’s fair to say that over the past few weeks demo leaders Pelosi and Schumer have not even stayed in Washington to talk to the President, who stayed there available to talk. Today, for me, it got funny!

Pelosi and a bunch of her colleagues and their staff were on a govt. bus headed to catch a military flight for a week long junket to some international hotspots.  Another vacation and opportunity to get out of town.  The President cancelled their flight 10 minutes before departure!  Personally, I think he should have left them at the airport to get home the best they could. He politely gave them a ride home. It has to be one of the greatest and funniest political moves of all times. Nancy is so accustomed to having her tab covered by taxpayers that she probably didn’t even have a credit card with her.

Locally, our politics are in better shape with some good things being done.  The Lovelady Lovefest is rapidly approaching as is the Lions Club Chili Supper.  Ask around and get tickets for the chili as this popular local get together occasionally sells out of chili.  The new Marine Corps League Detachment has already made a huge commitment for the Christmas.  The Marine’s plan and have approved donating $2,000 for Toys for Tots bringing joy to hundreds of kids!  If you are a Marine or Navy FMF Corpsman you need to join this group!

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