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New Rules Adopted by HCFA


2018-2019 Officers Elected

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – During a meeting of the Houston County Fair Association (HCFA) on Wednesday, May 30, new rules for the 2019 Houston County Fair and Youth Livestock Show were adopted/amended and new officers were selected.

Once the meeting was called to order by HCFA President Scott Moore, Secretary/Treasurer Beverly Moore read the minutes from the May 2 meeting of the organization.

Following the approval of the minutes, B. Moore provided an update on the group’s financial status. She reported the total sale income from the 2018 fair was $357,479.94. Of the $357,459.94, B. Moore reported $254,054.02 had been collected while $109,425.92 was outstanding.

“I have $56,000 to post in deposits whenever I get home. If you take that off the $109,000, we are lacking approximately $24,000 before we can cut the checks,” B. Moore said.

Before the association’s rules and officers were voted on, a discussion about drug testing of animals was held. It was reported many of the area counties have implemented a drug testing program for the livestock being shown.

It was indicated the cost of the screening was approximately $70 per sample.  A suggestion to test the grand champions and reserve champions, along with one or two random animals from each category would equate to between 12 and 25 samples. No action was taken on the matter.

After the drug testing discussion concluded, the HCFA addressed the 21 proposed rules. Of the 21 proposals, 12 were adopted and will be implemented for the 2019 fair.

The new rules are as follows:

  • In the event of the dissolution of the Houston County Fair and Youth Livestock Show, all funds and proceeds shall be transferred to the scholarship fund and will be distributed according to the scholarship rules until all funds are depleted.
  • If a student transfers, there is a standard three week academic waiting period. All exhibitors must be passing by respective nine weeks or six weeks report card prior to the county fair.
  • Major tag validation tags will be accepted as county validation numbers. A state major validation replacement tag will be submitted if lost during major show season. After completion of major shows, a major tag that is lost will be replaced with a county tag.
  • All student exhibitors will participate in set-up and clean-up, including Ag Mechanics, In-county Halter Heifers, etc.
  • All proposed rule changes are to be mailed to the HCFA – Proposed Rule Changes at the fair’s mailing address or returned to any fair officer or the rules chairperson by the designated date. All submitted changes are to be opened/presented during the rules meeting.
  • In the broiler division, the entry fee has been changed to $25.
  • In the fryer rabbit division, any fryer rabbit weighing less than 3.5 pounds or more than 5.5 pounds will be sifted.
  • In the foal futurity division, a rule has been amended to include requirement of a vaccination record.
  • In the horse show division, the high point in all age groups will be determined by counting points accumulated for all classes.
  • In the horse show division, proof of a negative Coggins test and shot records (specifically indicated vaccination for Strangles and Flu-Rhino) within 12 months of the show will be required at the time of the show.
  • In the horse show division, high point awards will be awarded in the eight and under age group to the individual with the most points from the following classes: showmanship; halter; walk and trot; western horsemanship; cloverleaf barrels; pole bending; straight-a-way barrels; and flag race.
  • In the horse show division, high point awards will be awarded in age groups 9-13; 14-19; and 20 and over to the individual with the most points from the following classes: showmanship; halter; western pleasure; western horsemanship; trail; cloverleaf barrels; poles; and straight-a-way barrels.
  • In the horse show division, entry is $10/class.

The 2018-2019 officers were also voted on during the meeting. The results showed Scott Moore will return as president, Bubba Erickson will be vice president, Beverly Moore will return as secretary/treasurer and April Ice will be the HCFA assistant secretary.

Will Johnson may be contacted via e-mail at wjohnson@messenger-news.com.

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