Grapeland HS Hosts Cross Country Meet

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – The Grapeland Sandies and Sandiettes hosted the Grapeland Cross Country Invitational Meet at Salmon Lake Park on Saturday, Sept. 10 and when the unofficial results were posted, the times showed several of the runners with season or personal bests.

The runners were comprised of varsity, junior varsity and junior high / middle school athletes from eight different schools. Along with the teams from Grapeland, teams from Anderson-Shiro, Bryan Rudder, Cayuga, Frankston, Lovelady, Malakoff Cross Roads and Palestine hit the trails throughout the park bright and early on Saturday morning.

At the high school level, all eight teams were in competition while only teams from Cayuga, Grapeland, Lovelady and Palestine competed at the junior high / middle school level.

The results for the Varsity girls are listed below:

Kenya Woods                         13:59 PR       Grapeland

Madelyn James 14:01 PR Lovelady
Fabiola Herilanez 14:22 PR Anderson-Shiro
Shannon Cysewski 14:24 PR Bryan Rudder
Hannah York 14:41 PR Lovelady
Jala Rollo 14:56 PR Lovelady
Emily Banta 15:32 PR Cayuga
McKenna Holloway 16:07 PR Anderson-Shiro
Kimberly Keally 16:08 SR Anderson-Shiro
Trinity Boggs 16:35 PR Frankston
Morgan Turner 16:41 SR Cayuga
Karlie Watson 18:02 SR Cayuga
Brenda Rivers 18:31 PR Cayuga
Stacia Holt 18:36 PR Malakoff Cross Roads
Chassity Harmon 18:40 SR Malakoff Cross Roads
Kandez Cooper 19:10 PR Malakoff Cross Roads
Caitlin Wright 21:12 PR Malakoff Cross Roads


PR – Personal Record SR – Season Record


The results for the varsity boys are listed below:

Chad Lamb 19:03 PR Bryan Rudder
Adrian Mickens 19:38 PR Cayuga
Alex Flores 19:42 PR Anderson-Shiro
Wesley Rogers 19:45 PR Malakoff Cross Roads
Antonio Caceres 19:46 Trinity
Logan Ricks 20:22 PR Bryan Rudder
Eolgar Guerrero 20:45 Trinity
Anthony Davila 20:51 SR Grapeland
Colby Seale 20:52 SR Cayuga
Axel Coronado 21:02 Trinity
Richard Hazelwood 21:03 PR Cayuga
Mark Hanna 21:06 PR Grapeland
Parker Thane 21:22 PR Anderson-Shiro
Jacorian Hawkin 21:26 PR Lovelady
Tyrin Wiley 22:18 PR Grapeland
Zach Hanna 22:20 PR Grapeland
Sebastian Moldonado 22:50 Trinity
Gabe Hobson 23:02 PR Grapeland
Dalton Jones 23:39 PR Frankston
Gio Carrillo 24:01 PR Bryan Rudder
Jario Reyes 24:16 Bryan Rudder
Kellen Holt 25:27 PR Malakoff Cross Roads
Jason Hernandez 25:35 SR Malakoff Cross Roads
Colby Tulbs 25:49 PR Lovelady
Ethan Pearson 26:21 PR Malakoff Cross Roads
Ryan Casey 27:17 PR Frankston
Andy Bravo 27:29 Trinity
Garrett Beckman 27:32 SR Cayuga
Brandon Bell 28:08 PR Malakoff Cross Roads


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