Wesleyan Methodist Adopts Downtown Crockett Park

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT –  Crockett City Council met Monday, Apr. 1 to hold a public hearing regarding a mobile home to be installed in one of the city’s residential areas. Council members also approved an offer from a local church to help upkeep one of the city’s green areas downtown. 

Wesleyan Methodist Church recently located their service to downtown Crockett, to the old Masonic building. Crockett City Administrator John Angerstein told council the church had requested to “adopt” Downtown Crockett Park, across from City Hall. The church would help pick up littler and assist the city in maintaining the park and give back to the community. 

Clayton Starr was present and on behalf of the church, saying keeping the city clean is a key lesson for youth. 

“This will be something good for our youth, young adults, with adult supervision,” Starr said. “Now that we are meeting on the square, we do have activities, but we want to teach our youth to keep things clean and clean up after themselves. The park is open to the public and our neighbors use it and we hope to schedule some events there, too.”

Clayton Starr, representing Westlayan Methodist Church thanks Crockett City Council for the opportunity to “adopt” and take care of the small park across from City Hall.

Crockett Mayor Dr. Ianthia Fisher said the project sounded good, telling the council getting young people involved is always positive. 

“My mother used to say, ‘If you want a clean spot, clean it yourself,’” Fisher said. “The more people we have taking care of our city, the better.”

The council approved the adoption and Angerstein said they would soon buy a sign, in acknowledgment of the church’s adoption. 

The council then held a public hearing for a mobile home to be located on Downes Ave. The measure had been put to public response, and with only a handful of negative votes from the many neighbors in the area, the project had already been green-lit by the city’s planning and zoning committee. Council approved the location of the home on the empty plot. 

Angerstein told the council the city’s utility superintendent had been ill and had let the city know he would not continue his employment. This had led the city to miss reporting for their water services, recently leading to a note going out to those on city water, alerting them to a missed report. While the water itself was deemed safe, missing these important reports can cause problems for the city. To resolve this, Angerstein requested the city retain the services of a water and wastewater technical and regulatory consultant, to keep the city on track. King Utility Services was able to make the best bid and was awarded the contract. 

“I agree with Mr. Angerstein,” said Precinct Three Councilman Ernest Jackson. “We have to fill out the proper documentation and do what we are supposed to do, and have someone committed to doing that work.”

The city had voted several million dollars to upgrade roads around the city, but had found they would need to cut two of the twelve projects on the council’s “wishlist,” due to rising costs. The twelve projects began with Martin Luther King Blvd in precincts three and four, which is set to be finished, soon. Some work was on hold while the city makes repairs to South Fifth Street, which city vendors agreed to redo after problems arose during construction.

Precinct Three Councilman Ernest Jackson votes to make sure the city complies with waste and water reports.

Council voted to either suspend or do in-house work for the projects set for South Tenth Street and along parts of Clark Avenue. There are still ten projects pending for this year, with a cost of over five million dollars in all:

  • MLK Boulevard from W Bell Ave. to Crockett Loop 304 in Precinct Three/Four (in progress)
  • East Bell Ave. from South Fourth Street to Brazos Street in Precinct Four
  • South Fifth Street from Anson Jones Ave. to Bowie Ave. in Precinct Four
  • South Seventh Street from E. Goliad Ave. to E. Bowie Ave. in Precincts Four and Five
  • North Grace Street from E. Houston Ave. to the dead end in Precinct One
  • South Grace Street from E. Houston Ave. to E. Goliad Ave. in Precinct One
  • W. Houston from the railroad tracks to S. Durrett Dr. in Precinct Three
  • E. San Jacinto Ave. from N. Sixth Street to N. Grace Street in Precinct One
  • Cedar Street from W. Goliad Ave. to W. Bell Ave. in Precinct Three
  • North Tenth Street from E. San Jacinto Ave. to Monroe Street in Precinct Two

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