Remembering Weldon

By LaWanda Pennington
Special to The Messenger

GRAPELAND – How can you every forget someone like Weldon?

I worked with Sandra and Weldon for many years, starting when I was 17 years old, and to say I learned a lot from them is an understatement.

I learned to love Snickers (thanks for the extra 40 lbs., Weldon!!)  I learned to love coffee (thanks for the caffeine addiction Weldon).  I learned to feed an old C&P press when I was scared to death, and he said “just do it.”  I became pretty good at it he said!

He taught me to develop and print pictures (boy, I’ll use that these days!!)  He taught me to set type for the newspaper on a hot metal Linotype (does that tell my age or what?).

He taught me that you could pull your tonsils with a fish hook.  No, that was just a lie he told me, and I believed him, because Weldon wouldn’t story to me!!

I learned that regardless how paper cuts hurt, he had always had worse cuts on his eye ball!  (One of his favorite sayings).

When he and Charley Darsey, Sr., were getting their EMT, they practiced their blood pressure technique on me over and over.  He told my husband that I’d outlive 10 husbands because my blood pressure was so low.

They taught me lots of fun things, but they instilled so much more.  Be true to yourself, love your neighbors, take care of your community, embrace your friends and keep them always, but most of all, keep God foremost in your life, through the good times and bad.

And love your family with all your heart!

Thanks for the memories, dear friends.

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