Grapeland Man Arrested for Interfering with EMS

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – Grapeland Police Department (GPD) was called the evening of Thursday, Nov. 16 to assist EMS personnel with a man allegedly refusing to allow them to treat a patient in the home. 

According to the probable cause arrest affidavit, GPD Officer Linebaugh arrived at the residence where EMS personnel in the yard told him the resident, Richard Roersma was holding them at gunpoint, refusing to let them enter the home to assist a patient, Roersma’s wife. 

Running to the entrance of the home, Linebaugh reported he saw the porch light turn off and the front door close. Finding the door locked, Linebaugh heard a commotion inside and saw the door open and EMS Chief Jospeh Musick came out holding a rifle. 

Once he identified himself, Linebaugh reported Musick told him, “I’m EMS, please help me,” before throwing the rifle in the front yard. 

Linebaugh reported he saw Musick punch the suspect Roersma in the face before Roersma lunged at Musick. Linebaugh then grabbed Roersma, putting him facedown and after briefly struggling with him, was able to handcuff him and had him sit in the front yard. 


EMS rushed into the home where the patient had reportedly gone into cardiac arrest due to being delayed by the alleged struggle with Roersma. EMS also treated Roersma for his injuries before he was transported to Crockett emergency room to be checked out. 

Musick later reported when he arrived at the home, the patient had told him she was having trouble breathing, when Roersma allegedly shut the front door and told Musick they weren’t going anywhere. Musick told Roersma they needed to get the patient to the hospital and began administering oxygen and working to get the patient on a stretcher with one hand, while attempting to fend off Roersma with the other, according to the police report. 

Roersma allegedly lunged at Musick and the two fought, before Roersma grabbed a nearby rifle and reportedly threatened to kill Musick. Musick was able to get the rifle away from Roersma, before opening the door to get the rifle out of the situation. 

Linebaugh was able to confirm some of the details from other EMS staff. After being read his Miranda rights, Roersma told his side of the story, claiming the patient did not want EMS to treat her, alleging they had given her poor treatment in a previous encounter with them. 

Roersma reportedly admitted he locked the door, requesting a different ambulance to come to the home. He claimed Musick attacked him for no reason and Roersma fell into the rifle during the struggle and tried himself to remove it from the room, before Musick took it from him. 

Roersma claimed self defense, allegedly telling Linebaugh he was only protecting himself and the patient. He was charged with interfering with public duties, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, making a terroristic threat, unlawful restraint and resisting arrest. He was booked into Houston County Jail with a total bond of $33,000. 

As of press time, the patient was reported to have been transported to a hospital in Conroe, with no update on her condition. 

All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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