Kennard Receives State Funding for Fire, Ambulance Services

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

AUSTIN –  Commissioner Sid Miller announced on Monday that Kennard, Texas is one of 11 rural counties and communities in Texas to be selected as a recipient of Fire, Ambulance, and Service Truck Fund (FAST) grants. The FAST initiative aims to support rural economies by providing funds for the acquisition of new safety vehicles and equipment. The FAST program, operating as a pilot program, is a testament to the TDA’s commitment to strategic investment in rural areas.

Commissioner Sid Miller expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I’m committed to supporting our rural communities. It’s my personal goal to make sure every town and rural county has the tools they need to protect their citizens. It’s crucial to their safety and their quality of life in these cities and counties that support Texas Agriculture.”

FAST funds represent a significant investment in Texas rural communities. Over 7 million dollars in total grants were awarded to communities in Eastland, Hopkins, Houston, Leon, Limestone, Navarro, Nacogdoches, Red River, Sabine, Terrell, and Young counties. The money will fund the purchase of lifesaving emergency equipment and vehicles. The City of Kennard received a grant of $750,000, to be used to purchase a new pumper truck, brush truck, extrication tools, thermal imaging cameras, and bunker gear.

“Rural counties and towns are the beating heart of Texas agriculture,” Commissioner Miller said. “Investing in rural Texas is an investment in agriculture’s future–and that helps people all over our great state. I’m proud to support these communities.”

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