County Commissioners Declare June “Elder Abuse Prevention Awareness Month”

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY –  The Houston County Commissioners Court met Tuesday, May 23 to confirm the county’s new Veterans Services Officer and to declare the month of June as “Elder Abuse Prevention Awareness Month.”

Houston County Judge Jim Lovell gave an update on a recent incident near the courthouse in downtown Crockett. Many residents noticed the ambulance and first responders in the square last week with many of the workers on the streets as well. Tamara Rath had fallen down the stairs and hit her head and was taken to the local hospital before being transported to Conroe for further treatment. 

Lovell was able to confirm he had spoken with her and although she suffered a head injury and a concussion, she was feeling much better and was now resting at home. Lovell reported she could not remember much about the fall but was already doing better. 

Houston County Veterans Services Officer Mike Maiden presented his certification from the U.S. Veterans Administration after completing the TRIP Program. (Training, Responsibility, Involvement and Preparation of Claims) Maiden reminded the court there are about 1,750 veterans in the county and he looked forward to serving and helping them. 

The court approved the naming of June as “Elder Abuse Prevention Awareness Month” with a presentation by Charlene Martin from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Lovell thanked Martin for her service and asked whom he should call if he should be abused. Lovell was told there is no group yet to prevent abuse of elected officials, as the attendees laughed. 

Houston County District Attorney Donna Kaspar was on hand to present the settlement of the lawsuit between the county and Purdue Pharma, L.P., regarding the matter of opioid litigation. The settlement provides a total of $120 million, with Houston County to receive about $90,000. Kaspar told the court the county could receive more monies awarded to regional funds, but would need to apply for those funds separately. The court approved both accepting the settlement and applying for the additional allocated funds. 

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