2022-2024 Conference Cutoff Numbers Released by UIL

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

EAST TEXAS – The University Interscholastic League (UIL) has released the conference cutoff numbers s and preliminary enrollment figures for the 2022-2024 reclassification and realignment, according to a UIL Dec. 8 press release.

The conference cutoff numbers provide the range of enrollment for each of the six conferences (1A-6A), including divisional cutoffs for football.    

The 2022-2024 breakdown shows Class 6A schools have enrollments of 2,225 and above. There are 249 schools in this classification with all 249 having both football and basketball programs. Only 247 have volleyball programs.

At the Class 5A level, the UIL determined schools fall into this classification if they have enrollments between 1,300 and 2,224 students. There are 253 schools in this classification with 251 having football programs, 252 having basketball programs and 253 having volleyball programs. 

Moving to Class 4A, schools in this classification have enrollments between 545 and 1299 students. There are 214 schools at this level with 213 having basketball programs, 209 having volleyball programs and 193 having football programs.

The Class 3A enrollment range goes between 250 and 544 students. There are 233 schools in this classification with 230 participating in basketball, 204 participating in football and 220 participating in volleyball.

Dropping down to the Class 2A level, the UIL has determined schools with an enrollment of between 105 and 249 students fall into this classification. There are 219 Class 2A schools with 217 participating in basketball, 208 participating in football and 157 participating in volleyball.

Last, but certainly not least is Class 1A where schools have an enrollment of 104.9 and below. There are 220 schools in this classification with 218 schools participating in basketball, 148 schools participating in football and 121 participating in volleyball.

The Division I and II football numbers for the 2022-2024 timeframe show:

•             Class 1A Division I – 59.5 – 104.9, 75 schools; Class 1A Division II – 59.4 and below, 73 schools.

•             Class 2A Division I – 164.5 – 249, 106 schools; Class 2A Division II – 105 – 164.4, 102 schools.

•             Class 3A Division I – 360 – 544, 102 schools; Class 3A Division II – 250 – 359, 102 schools.

•             Class 4A Division I – 880 – 1299, 99 schools; Class 4A Division II – 545 – 879, 94 schools.

•             Class 5A Division I – 1925 – 2224, 132 schools; Class 5A Division II – 1300 – 1924, 119 schools.

“Preliminary enrollments have also been released to increase transparency and provide for additional verification of enrollment figures. These figures were submitted by school districts based on enrollment on Oct. 29,” according to the UIL.

In Houston County, the preliminary enrollment numbers showed Crockett with an enrollment of 382. As a result, the Bulldogs will remain classified as a Class 3A DI school in football. 

The Grapeland Sandies will remain in the Class 2A DI category, based on enrollment numbers showing 170 students.

The Kennard Tigers will remain as a Class 1A School with an enrollment of 65.

The Latexo Tigers will remain as a Class 2A school with an enrollment of 138.

The Lovelady Lions will remain as a Class 2A DII school in football with an enrollment of 148.

Moving to Anderson County, the Cayuga Wildcats will remain as a Class 2A DI School with an enrollment of 166.5.

The Elkhart Elks will drop to a Class 3A DII school with an enrollment of 307.

In Frankston, the Indians will remain as a Class 2A DI school, with an enrollment of 227.

The Neches Tigers have an enrollment of 100.5 and will remain as a Class 1A school.

The Palestine Wildcats will remain as a Class 4A DI school with an enrollment of 1039.5.

The Slocum Mustangs will drop to a Class 1A school based on their enrollment of 102 students.

The Westwood Panthers will stay as a Class 3A DI school with an enrollment of 401.

The 2022-24 alignments will be released Feb. 3 at 9 a.m. CST for football, basketball, and volleyball. District alignments for other activities will be released by the middle of March, 2022.

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