Keep Track of Crockett Schools? There’s an App for That!

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT –  Crockett Independent School District (CISD) has been promoting the updated version both their website and app, touting how both can keep parents informed of not only what’s going on at the schools, but as a way to see detailed classroom information and even communicate directly with the teachers. 

The app is available for all types of phones and is free to download. You can see everything from a calendar for each campus to testing days, holidays, school menus and even if your little one is not coming to class. 

Baylee Windham, CISD HR and Communications Specialist, said the new app has some new features which can put parents in better touch with how their children are doing, on a day-to-day basis. 

“We have a new thing we’re rolling out this year, called ‘rooms.’ Rooms is a two-way communication between parents and teachers,” Windham explained. As a parent, if you had a child enrolled in pre-K in the early childhood campus, you can sign into rooms and all of your child’s class information will pull up. You will be able to see what periods they have. The teachers can upload their syllabus and all of their homework.”

Probably not popular with students, the app can track other actions students are taking, too.

“We also upload attendance there every day. So maybe if your child tells you they’re in a class but they really aren’t, you can get a notification on your app. Teachers can also message parents through the app and they can post it for all the parents in that class to see if there’s like a big project coming up,” Windham said. 

The updated website and app have been tricky to develop and get right, with CISD working on it for over a year in order for so many functions to be available to parents. Windham said CISD teachers and administrators took quickly to the new app, but administrators are looking for more parents to download the app to stay connected, too. 

Even though the school year will soon come to an end, Windham said the new app is a great way to stay connected over the summer and be “in-the-know” as the next school year rolls around. 

“Our calendars, supply lists – all the information parents will need to know about the upcoming school year and about what to expect for their children,” Windham noted. “We really want to get parents involved to utilize the new tools. I think communication is important between schools in our area, with our students, as well. As a parent myself, I want to know what my children are doing during the day. I think this would help give parents some insight to know what’s really going on in the classrooms and how the students are excelling in school.”

Go to the app store of your choice and search for “Crockett ISD Texas.” It’s free to download and stay on top of the kids, classes, homework, attendance and more. 

Greg Ritchie can be reached at [email protected] 

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