2022 District 20-2A Track and Field Meet Results

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – If you had looked quick, you may have just seen a state champion fly past you on Thursday, April 7 at Tiger Stadium in Centerville. The District 20-2A Track and Field Meet was held over two days last week with both varsity girls and boys competing for a chance to advance to the Area Meet on Monday, April 18 in Madisonville. 

The seven schools which make up District 20-2A are: Centerville; Grapeland; Groveton; Latexo; Leon; Lovelady; and Slocum.

At the girls’ varsity team level: Lovelady was first with 202 points; Groveton was second with 148; Centerville and Leon tied for third with 95; Latexo was fifth with 46; Slocum was sixth with 8 and Grapeland was seventh with 4.

The top four finishers in each event advance to the Area Meet.

In the varsity girls’ 100m dash: 1) Mihyia Davis, Lovelady, 12.06; 2) Charlee Biano, Latexo, 12.91; 3) Gracie McMahon, Lovelady, 13.16; 4) Sariyah Davis, Grapeland, 13.65; 5) Morgan Womack, Lovelady, 13.72; 6) Molly Parson, Groveton, 14.02.

In the varsity girls’ 200m dash: 1) Emily Sitton, Leon, 26.56; 2nd Maya Calvin Leon 27.80, 3rd Charlee Biano Latexo 28.00; 4th Gracie McMahon Lovelady 28.13; 5th Kaitlyn Kirschner Leon 28.16; 6th Anaya Bloodworth Groveton 28.78.  

In the varsity girls’ 400m dash: 1st Mariah Wright Centerville 1:04.09; 2nd Bailee Albinus Lovelady 1:06.43; 3rd Kiki Smith Groveton 1:06.62; 4th Josselyn Cruz Groveton 1:09.40; 5th Kaitlyn Bailey Centerville 1:09.59; 6th Aaliyah Jones Lovelady 1:11.50.  

In the varsity girls’ 800m run: 1st Rylie Croston Centerville 2:38.44; 2nd Josselyn Cruz Groveton 2:43.47; 3rd Jocelyn Claire Stevens Leon 2:46.02; 4th Shyanne Pipkin Lovelady 2:47.44; 5th Kiley Hargrave Groveton 2:56.69; 6th Caleigh Duvall Latexo 3:06.00.

In the varsity girls’ 1600m run: 1st Isavel Bautista Groveton 6:07.78; 2nd Jocelyn Claire Stevens Leon 6:10.88; 3rd Shyanne Pipkin Lovelady 6:14.47; 4th Skyler Shaw Groveton 6:14.87; 5th Abby Sarraf Slocum 6:27.22; 6th Aryssa Mcbride Centerville 6:44.12.             

In the varsity girl’s 3200m run: 1st Isavel Bautista Groveton 13:35:25.00; 2nd Skyler Shaw Groveton 14:15:06.00; 3rd Abby Sarraf Slocum 14:25:00.00; 4th Aryssa Mcbride Centerville 14:46:00.00; 5th Noelia Garcia Groveton 15:04:47.00; 6th Janetly Sanchez Leon 15:39:02.00.

In the varsity girls’ 100m hurdles: 1st Anyya Mitchell Lovelady 16.10; 2nd Jaici Minter Centerville 16.27; 3rd Hanna Huffstuttler Lovelady 17.56; 4th Ingrid Gonzalez Groveton 18.72; 5th Maria Gonzalez Groveton 18.90; 6th Emma Carmichael Lovelady 19.83.  

In the varsity girls’ 300m hurdles: 1st Scout Lovell Lovelady 49.05; 2nd Jaici Minter Centerville 52.68; 3rd Maria Gonzalez Groveton 55.24; 4th Katy Allen Latexo 55.51; 5th Alley Dawsey Lovelady 55.81; 6th Samantha Hobbs Centerville 57.62.

In the varsity girls’ 4x100m relay: 1) Leon 50.97; 2) Lovelady 51.13; 3) Groveton 52.85; 4) Centerville 54.1; 5) Latexo 54.85.

In the varsity girls’ 4x200m relay: 1) Lovelady 1:48.15; 2) Leon 1:49.55; 3) Groveton 1:49.71; 4) Centerville 1:54.02; Latexo 1:55.59

In the varsity girls’ 4x400m relay: 1) Centerville, 4:27.84; 2) Groveton, 4:34.93 3) Lovelady 4:50.24

In the varsity girls’ long jump: 1st Maya Calvin Leon 15-1 ½; 2nd Breanna McQueen Groveton 14-5;
3rd Emily Bird Latexo 14-3 ½; 4th Kameron Denman Centerville 13-3; 5th Bailee Albinus Lovelady 13-1 ¾;
6th Lauren Woodard Latexo 12-2 1/2     

In the varsity girls’ shot put: 1st Megan Luce Groveton 33-1; 2nd Hailey Hall Groveton 28-6 ¾; 3rd Holli Seidel Lovelady 28-1 ½; 4th Magali Castillo Lovelady 27-10; 5th Keyonna Holley Centerville 26-5; 6th Baylee Omelina Latexo 26-3 ½.

In the varsity girls’ discus: 1st Kylie Pugh Lovelady 121-5 ½; 2nd Magali Castillo Lovelady 98-8 ½; 3rd Baylee Omelina Latexo 89-9 ½; 4th Megan Luce Groveton 89-2 ½; 5th Chelsea Butler Lovelady 88-4 ½; 6th Keyonna Holley Centerville 85-6 ½.

In the varsity girls’ triple jump: 1st Anyya Mitchell Lovelady 33-10 ½; 2nd Maya Calvin Leon 32-6 ¾; 3rd Shyanne Pipkin Lovelady 31-11 ½; 4th Emma Alexander Groveton 31-10 ½; 5th Kayley McCrory Groveton 29-11 ½; 6th Lauren Woodard Latexo 29-2 ½.

In the varsity girls’ high jump: 1st Shyanne Pipkin Lovelady 5-2; 2nd Mariah Wright Centerville 5-2; 3rd Emily Sitton Leon 5-0; 4th Kiki Smith Groveton 4-10; 5th Anyya Mitchell Lovelady 4-8.

In the varsity girls pole vault: 1st Scout Lovell Lovelady 8-0; 2nd Olivia Ice Lovelady 7-6; 3rd Rylee Wilson Lovelady 6-0; 4th Natalie Nicol Latexo 5-0.

At the boys’ varsity team level, Centerville finished first with 209 points; Lovelady was second with 193; Groveton was third with 90; Latexo was fourth with 52; Grapeland was fifth with 29; Leon was sixth with 20; and Slocum was seventh with 1.

The top four finishers in each event advance to the Area Meet.

In the varsity boys’ 100m dash: 1st Cadarian Wiley Grapeland 11.12; 2nd Dakota Sherley Latexo 11.22; 3rd Ashton Hargrove Latexo 11.28; 4th Phoenix Bowman Groveton 11.47; 5th Martinez, Conner Lovelady 11.50; 6th Villareal, Angel Centerville 11.78.

In the varsity boys’ 200m dash: 1st Davis, Cody Lovelady 22.93; 2nd Webb, James Centerville 23.43; 3rd Dakota Sherley Latexo 23.46; 4th Ashton Hargrove Latexo 23.68; 5th Martinez, Conner Lovelady 23.87;
6th Villareal, Angel Centerville 24.5.

In the varsity boys’ 400m run: 1st Jeitz, Kasen Centerville 49.02; 2nd Jefferies, Jackson Lovelady 52.46; 3rd Pipkin, Skylar Lovelady 54.65; 4th Justice, Lamarcus Centerville 55.21; 5th Long, Christian Centerville 56.12; 6th Whitaker, Cortavies Lovelady 58.50.

In the varsity boys’ 800m run: 1st Jeitz, Kasen Centerville 2:02.59; 2nd Franks, Grant Centerville 2:11.12; 3rd Gray, Cyris Centerville 2:12.37; 4th Hayden Lee Groveton 2:13.74; 5th Patrick, Blake Lovelady 2:23.74; 6th Sutton, Oscar Lovelady 2:30.17.

In the varsity boys’ 1600m run: 1st Franks, Grant Centerville 4:54.25; 2nd Carter, Luke Centerville 4:55.60; 3rd Gray, Cyris Centerville 4:58.32; 4th Kaden Alexander Groveton 5:02.87; 5th Jarrett Loftin Groveton 5:10.16; 6th Evers, Brock Slocum 5:15.06.

In the varsity boys’ 3200m run: 1st Kaden Alexander Groveton 11:17.00; 2nd Gray, Cyris Centerville 11:19:31.00; 3rd Jarrett Loftin Groveton 11:32:00.00; 4th Carter, Luke Centerville 11:35:26.00; 5th Austin Williams Groveton 11:40:06.00; 6th Cruz, Enrique Centerville 11:41:25.00.

In the varsity boys’ 110m hurdles: 1st Wagnon, Brett Centerville 15.18; 2nd Easterling, Shaun Lovelady 15.62; 3rd Robinson, Josh Centerville 16.65; 4th Braxton Luna Groveton 17.59; 5th Gatlin, JD Lovelady 19.11; 6th Ian Utz Groveton 20.15.

In the varsity boys’ 300m hurdles: 1st Wagnon, Brett Centerville 40.79; 2nd Kornegay, Karter Centerville 42.50; 3rd Skinner, Keivon Lovelady 42.82; 4th Robinson, Josh Centerville 42.85; 5th Braxton Luna Groveton 45.18; 6th Angel Maldonado Groveton 46.85

In the varsity boys’ 4x100m relay: 1) Lovelady 43.9; 2) Centerville 45.09; 3) Grapeland 45.74; 4) Leon 48.99.

In the varsity boys’ 4x200m relay: 1) Centerville 1:33.09; 2) Lovelady 1:33.68; 3) Groveton 1:38.12; 4) Leon 1:48.31.

In the varsity boys’ 4x400m relay: 1) Centerville  3::28.46; 2) Lovelady 3:45.09; 3) Groveton 3:58.67.              

In the varsity boys’ long jump: 1st Dakota Sherley Latexo 20-5; 2nd Ashton Hargrove Latexo 20-0; 3rd Skinner, Keivon Lovelady 19-7 ¼; 4th Pipkin, Skylar Lovelady 19-4; 5th Skinner, Dayvian Lovelady 17-8 ½; 6th Angel Maldonado Groveton 16-0 ¾.

In the varsity boys’ shot put: 1st Skinner, Dayvian Lovelady 42-2; 2nd Phillips, Levodrick Centerville 42-0 ½; 3rd Tyler Allen Groveton 39-8; 4th Ethan Mansel Groveton 39-7 ½; 5th West, Dude Centerville 37-4 ½;
6th Jason Decluette Grapeland 37-0 ½.  

In the varsity boys’ discus: 1st Holley, Zantayl Centerville 129-8 ½; 2nd Castillo, Eric Lovelady 129-7; 3rd Wright, James Centerville 121-8; 4th Easterling, Shaun Lovelady 118-7 ½; 5th Ethan Mansel Groveton 118-6; 6th Jason Decluette Grapeland 108-11.

In the varsity boys’ triple jump: 1st Skinner, Keivon Lovelady 39-10 ½; 2nd Dakota Sherley Latexo 39-4 ½; 3rd Baskin, Alan Lovelady 39-0; 4th Rylie Murchinson Grapeland 38-8 ½; 5th Ashton Hargrove Latexo 38-8 ½; 6th Navid Pat Groveton 37-11 ½.

In the varsity boys’ high jump: 1st Easterling, Shaun Lovelady 5-8; 2nd Skinner, Keivon Lovelady 5-6; 3rd Fry, Brandon Lovelady 5-4; 4th Pedigo, Nathaniel Leon 5-4; 5th Neyland, Wade Centerville 5-4; 6th Kionte Willis Grapeland 5-2.

In the varsity boys’ pole vault: 1st Harris, Cole Lovelady 12-0; 2nd LeBlanc, Landen Lovelady 11-6; 3rd Hayden Lee Groveton 11-0; 4th Daiton Chandler Groveton 10-6; 5th Wyatt Hajovsky Groveton 10-0; 6th Larkin, Peyton Lovelady 8-6.

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