Jim Thomas, CPA, Coming To Grapeland

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – Jim Thomas, certified public accountant, will open an office in downtown Grapeland next week, just in time for individuals and businesses to get those taxes done before the infamous April 15 deadline. 

Thomas attended Crockett High School and Sam Houston State before spending many years living and working in other areas, before returning to Crockett some 30 years ago. His small office on Fourth Street near downtown Crockett may look small, but hides decades of experience and clients in several Texas cities, including a large franchise of restaurants. 

Specializing in both individual and small business taxes, Thomas said accounting has come a long way, from the days of lined spreadsheets and calculations scribbled in pencil. His latest endeavor will be to serve the Grapeland area from his new office there, located at 119 N. Main Street in downtown Grapeland. 

Thomas decided to come back to his home in Houston County after getting tired of the big firms and the constant traveling they required. He wasn’t the only one who noticed he was never home. 

“I wanted to ask a girl out on a date once, many years ago. We lived in the same condominium and I went over and asked this girl out and she said, ‘Listen, I’ve already considered you and you’re just gone too much!’” Thomas laughed. 

Thomas said Grapeland is a perfect area to open a satellite office, bringing Roy Frodin to help staff the office. He sees a need in the community to help businesses and residents in the area to get their taxes in, correctly and on time, making sure expenses and possible deductions are done right. 

One difference, Thomas pointed out, was the personal touch he takes with customers, using a special questionnaire to help detect areas of concern, or potential for any possible deductions. This is something you just can’t get from an online program or bigger company. 

“Probably 80% of our business is individuals and small businesses – from corporations to S-Corps and partnerships,” Thomas said. “There are certain things a computer just won’t pick up on, where I can have a conversation with my clients and find things they hadn’t thought about.”

If you are in and around the Grapeland area and already getting stressed about getting those taxes done, visit with Mr. Thomas and his associates and see if they can’t help you get your business or personal taxes filed, without the gray hairs or chewed fingernails. 

You can stop by their new Grapeland office, or call them at 936-687-5612. 

Greg Ritchie can be reached at [email protected]

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