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District 20-3A Girls’ All District Selections Released


By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter 

EAST TEXAS – With the conclusion of the Fairfield Lady Eagles’ season as the Class 3A State Champions on Saturday, March 5, the All-District selections for the 2021-2022 season from District 20-3A were released.

The district consisted of: Buffalo; Crockett; Elkhart; Fairfield; Franklin; Groesbeck; Teague; and Westwood.  

The MVP of District 20-3A was the Fairfield Lady Eagles’ McKinna Brackens.

The Co-Offensive Players of the Year were the Crockett Lady Bulldogs’ Tocarra Johnson and the Fairfield Lady Eagles’ Breyunna Dowell.

The Defensive Player of the Year for District 20-3A was the Fairfield Lady Eagles’ Shadasia Brackens.

The Newcomer of the Year in District 20-3A was the Franklin Lady Lions’ Karaline Smitherman.

The Sixth Man of the Year was the Franklin Lady Lions’ Taylor Smitherman.

The First Team All-District Selections for District 20-3A included:

  • Buffalo Lady Bison Abby Brewer.
  • Crockett Lady Bulldog Chelsea Walker.
  • Elkhart Lady Elk Jimena Crispo.
  • Fairfield Lady Eagles Jarahle Daniels and Avery Thaler.
  • Franklin Lady Lions Kaylin Ortner, Maggie Smitherman and Riley Hood.
  • Groesbeck Lady Goats Tavia Angland and Cole Tatum.
  • Teague Lady Lions Reagan Higgins, Jolee Haley and Lyric Broussard.
  • Westwood Lady Panther Jaysa Coney.

The Second Team All-District Selections for District 20-3A included:

  • Buffalo Lady Bison Kaylee Rodriguez and Alondra Dominguez.
  • Crockett Lady Bulldogs La’Kyriah Hamilton and Tania Davis.
  • Elkhart Lady Elk Haley Stiff.
  • Fairfield Lady Eagles Addisyn Cox and Emori Davis.
  • Franklin Lady Lions Hailey Fannin and Riley Caldwell
  • Groesbeck Lady Goats Alexis Rivero and Kelsey Shriver
  • Teague Lady Lions Kori Pillette and Ashlynn Forge
  • Westwood Lady Panther Gracie Weston.

All District Academic: 90+ average for the season:

  • Buffalo:  Lizzie Daniel, Abby Brewer, Kaylee Rodriguez, Sherlynn Rodriguez, Molly Hirsh
  • Crockett:  Stasia Parker, Keaton Crabtree, Tania Davis, Tocarra Johnson
  • Fairfield:  McKinna Brackens, Avery Thaler, Addisyn Cox, Jimilyah Nash, Cooper Lawley, Jarahle Daniels, Breyunna Dowell, Emori Davis
  • Franklin:  Maggie Smitherman, Riley Caldwell, Kaylin Ortner, Emma Rekieta, Taylor Smitherman, Riley Hood, Hailey Fannin, Karaline Smitherman
  • Groesbeck: Tavia Anglin, Kole Tatum, Kelsi Shriver, Alyssa Hill, Alexis Rivero, Rainy Samuels
  • Teague:  Reagan Heggins, Ashlynn Forge, Alexis Dancer, Ta’Koria Jones, Mollie Sims, Lyric Broussard, Kori Pillette, Bethanah Owens
  • Westwood:  Graci Weston

The Messenger would like to extend its congratulations to all the young ladies on this list for a very enjoyable 2021-2022 basketball season and for a job well done.

Will Johnson may be reached via e-mail at wjohnson@messenger-news.com.