Commissioners Approve Purchase of Vote Tabulation Machine

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – For anyone who has followed elections in Houston County during the past several years, you may have noticed the voting tabulation machine was in less-than-optimal condition. While there were never any voting irregularities, the machine itself had glitches.

A new year can often mean new beginnings and on Tuesday, Jan. 5, the Houston County Commissioners Court took a big step towards rectifying any possible voting issues with the purchase of a new vote tabulation machine.

The purchase was made possible by the court’s acceptance of a 2020 HAVA Election Security Sub-Grant of $120,000.

“This is a Godsend, as far as I’m concerned,” Houston County Judge Jim Lovell said during the court’s first session of the year. “We have been needing a new tabulation machine as anyone who has been involved with recent elections (can tell you.) It has been a mess trying to get our results out. With a $16,000 match, we will be able to purchase a new machine.”

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved.     

In other matters brought before the court, the commissioners approved salaries for new and transfer employees. The new/ and or transfer employees are:

  • Roger Dickey – Chief Deputy of Houston County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Donald Kent Blanchard – District Attorney’s Investigator.
  • Justin Killough – Full-time Deputy EMC.
  • Heath Murff – Part-time Deputy EMC.
  • Tena Smith – Chief Deputy in Tax Assessor-Collectors Office.
  • Addie Hicks – Senior Clerk MV.
  • Ana Wiley – Deputy Clerk I in Tax Assessor-Collectors Office.

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