Foster Named Interim Police Chief in Grapeland

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – During a called meeting of the Grapeland City Council held on Friday evening, Jan. 3, Grapeland Police Corporal Carly Foster was named as the interim Police Chief.

Foster replaces Tyler Moore who left his position as police chief after serving in that capacity since March of 2018.

“I’m excited about it,” Foster said. “As far as goals, I really want to focus on bringing the PD together, coordinating our schedules and making sure everything is handled until we can get a chief into the position.”

She said her promotion became official on Jan. 3 during the Friday night city council meeting.

“Tyler’s last day was Dec. 24. He left here and went to Texas A&M Galveston where he will be a patrol officer,” Foster said.

The interim chief said in a previous city council meeting, the city leaders named her as the point-of-contact for the police department.

“Prior to this, I wasn’t aware until they named me (as interim). I was excited. It will definitely be a new adventure for me,” she said.

Foster explained she didn’t know how long she would serve in her current role and added the city was actively seeking applications for the police chief’s position.

“Whatever I can get done from point A to point B – once they hire someone else – I will step back down to whatever rank they would like me to be,” she said.

The Grapeland Police Department is comprised of three full-time police officers and three part-time/reserve police officers.

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