Crockett City Council Discusses Purchase, Sale Agreement of Former State School

By Sarah Naron

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – The Crockett City Council held a special meeting to discuss the purchase and sale agreement between the city and Crockett Independent School District for the former Crockett State School property and CISD Transportation Facility on Friday, Dec. 22.

City Administrator John Angerstein explained to the council that the documents necessary to move forward with the process were not provided in time for action to be taken.

“I did speak with Mr. (Terry) Myers (CISD Superintendent) a few days ago, and he confirmed that they would not have the title search and the survey complete on the transportation bus barn,” Angerstein said. “With that being said, he spoke to both of them. They have all intents of moving forward on the 8th (of January), which will more than likely be our next council meeting.”

Angerstein informed the council that the city’s attorneys have approved the sale and purchase agreements and proposed deed and are prepared to meet with the city on the proposed closing date.

“So, we hope that all things will come together and the 8th will be the magic date,” Angerstein finished.

One councilman inquired as to whether CISD had responded to the proposal that all expenditures for the state school property would be overtaken by CISD as of Dec. 18. Angerstein reported that the item was not agreed to, but the city is not incurring any expenditures related to the property.

“We’re not incurring utility fees,” he said. “Oncor said that if they need to turn the electricity off, they will advise us ahead of time.”

While the city is no longer using the property, Angerstein said the school district has begun utilizing the freezers.

“(They have) several pallets worth of food out there,” he said. “That was us trying to help them out. But once again, I made no guarantees that the electricity would be maintained, so if we do receive notice that it’s going to be turned off, we’ll let them know, and they can either turn it back on or move the food out of the freezers.”

Angerstein recommended that the city keep insurance on the property until after the closing date, but said that the city will assume no responsibility for the belongings CISD is storing on the property, leading to a decision by the council to compose a written agreement between the city and school district in the event that the electricity is turned off without notification.

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously carried by the board to table further discussion of the purchase and sale agreement until Tuesday, Jan. 8.

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