THE WEEKENDER by Clyde Black: Hospital Plan for Texas Rural counties

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 Like a lot of us, I’ve been troubled by the loss of our hospital in Crockett.  Some people a lot brighter than me have offered solutions and almost all have included a tax raise of some kind.  This debate has split friend against friend and neighbor against neighbor.  Our hospital board brought in a big gun, former Congressman Jim Turner, Democrat, to argue for the increase.  They recently got the issue for a tax increase on the ballot and it failed!  Most folks in the county realize that in today’s world we simply don’t have the tax base, numbers of people who pay taxes, to support a hospital.  We have 3 successful veterinarian clinics in town and they are successful because of a sign in their window that reads, “Payment for service is due when rendered”.

 I hate to see my neighbors fight so once again here is Weekender’s Hospital Plan for Texas Rural Counties.  (Sounds good!)

 1)   Every traffic ticket issued includes numerous State fees to support one thing or another.  Add a one dollar fee to every ticket issued to be dedicated to a fund supporting Hospital Districts in Texas Counties under 200,000 in population.

2)   This dollar would come from every ticket issued by every DPS Trooper, Sheriff’s Deputy and Constable in the state.

 Some of you are very proficient financially and technically.  I am not.  If you put a pencil to it the funds that could be produced are huge and requires no new tax increases and no one would feel the effect of the one dollar fee.

 A certain State Rep told me that the larger counties would never go for it because they don’t benefit.  I believe that’s wrong because those folks travel through rural counties and I think they would like to know there is a hospital in places they visit.  They want to retire someday to the country and would want a hospital.  Nursing homes where they place their loved ones need a hospital.

 If you think there is merit to the idea contact the proper people, Hospital board members and political representatives.  Alone, I’m just a little old Weekender.  I just think the ideal offers a plan to build from that might work without making us hate one another.  Lord, please help us.

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