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CISD Holds Steady on Tax Rate

Local Media Honored

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – The Crockett Independent School District (CISD) Board of Trustees held steady on the proposed tax rate for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 school year and kept it at its current level of $1.25 per $100 of property valuation.

The move occurred during a meeting of the CISD board held on Monday, July 31.

“I think all of you are already aware – I have made this statement before – we are not going to even attempt to raise our tax rate. I propose that we leave our tax rate at $1.25 (per $100 of property valuation). That’s where it is now – $1.04 on the M and O (maintenance and operations) side and 0.21 cents on the I and S (interest and sinking) side,” CISD Superintendent Terry Myers said.

CISD board member Dr. John Garner said this was the fifth consecutive year CISD had maintained the $1.25 rate and added the year before that, the rate had been reduced by 1.7 cents.

“We are one of the few taxing entities in the area that has not had a tax increase in the last few years,” Garner said.

The superintendent said the board had used existing fund balances to “… make sure we didn’t have to raise the tax rate. That may be the case this year as well. We know in our district, the valuations have gone up.”

Myers explained the higher property valuations meant less dollars coming in from the state, but stressed the district was in good financial health.

“We are maintaining our budget. We are maintaining our tax rate and that says a lot about what this board has been able to do, even in the face of some economic downturns,” Myers said. ”Our district is in pretty good shape financially and it’s because these people right here (gesturing towards the trustees), made sure we kept it that way.”

A motion was made and the proposed tax rate of $1.25 was unanimously approved.

Prior to the tax rate discussion, Myers informed the board that executive assistant Toni Nicol had recently received her Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO) certification.

“It’s a big deal when we have TASBO certified individuals because it means they can do any of our, clerical, secretarial or assistants’ positions in the district. Thank you Mrs. Nicol for doing that and continuing your education,” he said.

As the meeting continued, members of the media were recognized by the CISD superintendent and the trustees.

“I would like to recognize Mr. Alton Porter (Houston County Courier) and Mr. Will Johnson (The Messenger) as our two reporters who do a great job of covering us,” Myers said.

“They are about as fair – or are the most fair – reporters I’ve seen as a superintendent and I’ve been doing this for over 20 years now. They do a good job of reporting objectively and sticking to the positive about public schools,” the superintendent said.

Myers added while he was very disheartened by the actions of the Texas State Senate when it came to public education, he remarked both Porter and Johnson “… do a great job of reporting accurately about what is going on in our public schools. They also report objectively on the concerns we have.”

Porter and Johnson were both presented with Texas Association of School Board (TASB) Honor Roll certificates as a token of the district’s appreciation.

In other matters brought before the board:

  • 21 was set as the first date for budget discussion and hearings on the proposed tax rate.
  • The 2017-2018 student code of conduct was tabled for further consideration.
  • Revised DEE Local Policy was approved to reflect the district’s requirement of detailed receipts for reimbursement.
  • A bid from Hargrove-Neel, Inc. for a new freezer at the Crockett Junior High was approved by the trustees.
  • A donation of $250 from Prosperity Bank was accepted to help in the purchase of state championship rings for the CHS track team.
  • Consent agenda items were approved.
  • Contract personnel recommended for the district included: Leslie Sausage – Crockett Early Childhood Center; Jennifer Hamilton – Crockett Elementary; Anna Pierce – Crockett Elementary; Zhoniche Shirley – Crockett Elementary; Quantrina Williams – Crockett Elementary; Justine Gray – Crockett Junior High; Amanda LaBorde – Crockett Junior High; Angie Quinn – Crockett Junior High; and James Light – Crockett High School.

Will Johnson may be contacted via e-mail at [email protected].

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