HORACE MCQUEEN: Lost Dog Saga – with a happy ending!

Last week at our farm home, we went through nearly two hours of hope and prayer for a stolen dog. Making a long story short, we “adopted” a beautiful eight year old Cocker Spaniel female from the Galveston animal shelter. Our friend Peggy Harkins, a pet groomer in Crockett, had been searching for a companion for our six year old Cocker Spaniel.

Peggy was in Galveston to see some family members two weeks ago and brought Zoey back with her to Houston County.

But then things changed. She and our other Cocker, Sassy, were playing just outside our home. We noticed an automobile parked at our driveway near the highway — and didn’t think it meant much.

About thirty minutes later, Zoey came up missing. We searched the pastures, and the woods, and called our neighbors. Still no dog! About an hour and a half after Zoey went missing, my wife got a call from a lady who lives in Conroe. She had been to Houston County on business and on the way back home, she noticed Zoey on the highway just outside Lovelady. K

eep in mind, Zoey was almost twenty miles from where she was kidnapped less than two hours before.

The lady said Zoey was almost run over several times. She stopped and Zoey hopped in her car and the good citizen turned around and came back to Crockett. Once there, she stopped at a local vet hospital. The vet staff read the microchip inserted in Zoey. Shortly after, my wife got a call that our new canine had been found and was ok. What are the odds that this could happen? One in a million—or more! Our thanks to the lady from Conroe and the Crockett vet who took time to read the chip. My only regret is that I didn’t drive to the end of our long driveway and see what was happening. As for the dog kidnapper, all I want is five minutes with you!    

All across east Texas dogwoods are blooming profusely — and have been for a couple of weeks. And the azaleas are beauties to behold. Now is a good time to hit the road and take in the beauty of the dogwoods, azaleas, bluebonnets and other spring flowers.

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