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It’s All About Family, the Dodge Family


By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – The Crockett Economic and Industrial Development Corporation (CEIDC) has been in negotiations with an unknown entity for several months about the possibility of locating a new automobile dealership in Crockett. A buzz about the possibility of a new business locating in Houston County began to spread and with it came to questions. The first question was: would the negotiations be successful? The second question was: if the negotiations are successful, what type of automobile dealership would it be? dodge-logo

It appears the answer to the first question is yes.  During a Crockett City Council meeting held on Monday, Nov. 7, CEIDC Board President Chris von Doenhoff reported a property deal had been transacted on land along S. Loop 304 in Crockett and in the Crockett Industrial

The CEIDC Board President addressed the council on Monday night and said, “I hope I’m bringing you some good news. I wanted to inform the council the real estate transaction for the proposed automobile dealership – on both parcels of land – was closed today and the papers were filed at the courthouse. The name of the purchasing entity, since this is a public record now, is J. Davis Real Estate-Crockett, LLC. I know you are going to ask me what type of dealership this is, but they have not shared that with me. I think they are going to want to make as big a splash as they can, because they are a retail business. We tried contacting them today but James Gentry (acting CEIDC Executive Director) was out on business. Hopefully, we will know something before the week is out and we can make some tentative plans about a groundbreaking or whatever they prefer to do.  We will certainly give the city council an announcement just as soon as we know.”

On Tuesday morning, Nov. 8, during a meeting of the Commissioners Cout of Houston County, Precinct Two Commissioner Willie Kitchen also discussed the recent property transaction. “I received a phcvd-at-city-councilone call from the CEIDC and they made an announcement that the automobile dealership has formally closed on the property that’s on the loop. The name of the company that bought it is J. Davis Real Estate-Crockett, LLC. All we can say right now is that it is an American manufacturer – Dodge or Ford.  It will be located on Loop 304 next to Wallace Garden and Tractor. We would like to thank the CEIDC, city and county for all the work they have done. (Former CEIDC Executive Director) Flint Brent who has already left and resigned also deserves a round of applause because he worked very hard on this.”

A search of the Texas Secretary of State’s website revealed J. Davis Real Estate – Crockett is managed by James H. Davis, Jr. and was formed on Aug. 16, 2016 with the Certificate of Formation filed with the Secretary of State’s office on Aug. 17, 2016.

Under Article Five of the Certificate of Formation, the document states, “The Company will have one or more managers. The name and address of the initial manager is:  James Davis (with a listed address of) 7250 Gulf Freeway (in) Houston, Texas 77017.”

A records search further revealed the address of 7250 Gulf Freeway in Houston is also the address of Gulfgate Dodge Chrysler Jeep.   The President of Gulfgate Dodge is listed as James H. Davis Jr. on a Texas Frdodge-logoanchise Tax Public Information Report.

A phone call was placed to Gulfgate Dodge in the hope of speaking with Davis. Joan Sikes, the Secretary Treasurer of the J. Davis Automotive Group, indicated Davis was not in the office and was currently in transit to the East Texas area. Sikes was asked if perhaps she could shed some light on what type of dealership was being discussed for the Crockett area. While she was unable to provide specifics she did confirm the new business would be a part of the Dodge family of dealerships.

It appears the answer to the second question about the brand of dealerships has also been answered and the answer is Dodge.

Will Johnson may be contacted via e-mail at wjohnson@messenger-news.com.

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