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From Red to Black in Two Years


Crockett City Administrator Resigns Despite Dramatic Improvement

By Teresa Holloway
Messenger Reporter
CROCKETT – Crockett City Administrator Sean Hutchison tendered his resignation to the Crockett Mayor, Robert Meadows, and the city council on Oct. 12.
Though the administrator has been here only two years, his expertise and organization abilities have resulted in a drastic improvement in both the city’s infrastructure, and the remarkable redress of more than $1 million in debt.
“I find myself in a situation in which I am able to accept a similar position in another city if I so choose,” he began reluctantly.
“So today, somewhat unnerved by this opportunity, I am announcing that I will be resigning as City Administrator/Director of Public Works for the City of Crockett,” he wrote.
Hutchison is responsible for many of the ongoing and planned projects for the city, including revamping the infrastructure of the sewer and water service after organizing the inspection via remote operated vehicles.
Grant programs, bond interest point reductions, effective coordination with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, state and federal government organizations such as USDA and others have proven worthwhile for the City of Crockett as money for repairs and replacement begins to trickle in.
Certainly there remains much work to be done, but Hutchison is confident the city council and citizens of Crockett will continue the efforts.
“We have been effective and helped move Crockett forward,” he said. “The City of Crockett has increased its financial footing and good things are on the horizon.”
“This only occurred due to God’s grace and your support and assistance,” he modestly continued, “but this is an opportunity to move close to my aging parents and is the right thing to do.”
City Secretary Mitzi Thomas will once more step into the breach until the council members select a temporary replacement for Hutchison.
Hutchison’s last day is scheduled for close of business Dec. 1, and many of the ongoing projects will be well underway by that time. Hutchison said he will continue to give more than one hundred percent until he leaves office.