Lovelady Senior Double Silver in Music

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

LOVELADY – Lovelady Independent School District (LISD) senior Brodi Kirker brought home two silver medals from the Texas State UIL music competitions. One was for music theory, the other for his performance of jazz flute. 

This is the first time a Lovelady student has taken home medals from the state music competition. The only one out of 40 students to even qualify for a medal in music theory, Kirker earned the silver medal for his answers regarding musical scales and other intricacies involved in the musical arts. 

“The other competition was called ‘solo and ensemble,’” Kirker explained. “I had a jazz flute piece of music and I played it in front of the judge, who gave me some comments, and a few minutes later, I got my score, and I got a silver medal because I played it almost perfectly.”

The song, “Jazz Dream” by Ali Ryerson was chosen by Kirker because he fell in love with the music. 

“I’ve never played jazz flute before, but the song was just outstanding. I just loved the sound of it. So, we ended up getting the piece of music and I’ve been playing it since around January,” Kirker explained. 

Kirker is a Lovelady native, having attended LISD since childhood and was the salutatorian in his graduating class. Music is his first love, but his dreams of seeing the world will see him take flight in an air force uniform. Kirker will be attending the Air Force Academy after basic training this summer.

Lovelady’s Brodi Kirker took home double silver in music theory and jazz flute at the state UIL competition.

LISD, Kirker said, was instrumental in getting him to state and being able to participate in the competition. 

“Lovelady is just so supportive. It’s a small community, and everyone knows each other and everyone cares. And I love how I can have my passion, which is music. I love music, and I love how I can be in the band and the staff and everyone can support me and help me make my way to a state competition,” Kirker said. 

As he turns his thoughts to the months and years ahead, Kirker’s world is going to change and get much bigger. Air Force basic training, then off to the academy. It’s not like being in a school a few hours away. The armed forces don’t tend to like it when new recruits sneak home for a weekend back in Houston County. 

“I can’t tell you how nervous I am – super scared,” Kirker said. “But I think once I get past boot camp, I feel like it’ll be a lot more fun, because I’ll get to go around the world. And even though it’s something new, I’m very excited to see the world and do something I’ve never done before.”

Kirker has several family members who have also served in the military and although his goal would be to join the Air Force band, he will be assigned his every-day job once he is assessed and his talents and potential are measured. 

Does Kirker worry about some of the conflicts around the world as a new member of the armed forces?

“I am definitely scared because of everything that’s going on overseas,” Kirker admitted. “But I think either way, it’ll be a very interesting and fun experience. I’ve always wanted to see the world, and I’m very excited to go overseas, especially to Germany, which is where a lot of my family is.”

Already getting some help with German from grandma, or “Oma,” Kirker said he will miss the friendships he has forged in Lovelady, most of all. 

“I’ll definitely miss band, that’s for sure. And I’ll miss Lovefest,” Kirker noted. “I’ll miss all of it, really. I’ll miss the people and the community. I’ll miss my friends. I’ll definitely miss my friends.”

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