Kennard Schools Elect Three

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

KENNARD – Kennard Independent School District (KISD) elected three board members, returning one incumbent and electing two new members. KISD’s board of trustees are “at-large” positions, meaning there are not specific districts or precincts, but the top vote-getting candidates are seating, according to the number of open seats in each election. 

Four candidates were vying for the three open positions, Incumbent Kenneth Dowdy, Jo Ann Smith and Rebecca Hill Parker, along with challenger Aaron Wiley. 

There were 390 total votes in the district race, with the results as follows:

  • Aaron Wiley, with 127 votes, or 32.56%

– Rebecca Hill Parker, with 120 votes, or 30.77%

– Kenneth Dowdy, with 86 votes, or 22.05%

  • Jo Ann Smith, with 57 votes, or 14.62%

Dowdy and Parker will return to the board, while Wiley will be seated after the board canvasses and officially accepts the results. The Kennard races were one of the few where election day votes were higher than expected, with 157 votes cast absentee or in early voting, (40%) while 233 votes, or 60%, were cast Saturday, May 4. 

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