How did you spend Spring Break?

It’s rare indeed, when all five Houston County school districts coincide to have the same week off for Spring Break. While we had empty streets and parked buses, what did some of our local students get up to on their week off?

Alaina Griffith – Latexo 9th, “I went to Galveston and got to enjoy time with my family.”
Amia Vaughn – Latexo 7th, “I slept a lot and cried the whole week because my father had to go to the hospital, but he’s doing better.”
DJ Dickson – CISD 11th, “I went to Southern Arkansas University on a college visit.”
Holli Riemenschneider – Latexo 7th, “I went to my grandparents house and went to a movie theater. I also went swimming and stayed over at a friend’s house one night. I got second place in track in a 400 meter race.”
Jennifer Mendez – CISD 10th, “I rested! I laid in bed and sometimes made ribbon flowers.”
Julian Adams – CISD 10th, “I went on a four-day cruise to Cozumel, ate at the buffet, went to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine.”
Kate Walker and Emma Jones – Latexo 12th, “We went to a concert at the Houston Rodeo, and then swam and played golf at Moody Gardens and saw a theater performance of ‘Beetlejuice.’”
Lila Hood – CISD 10th, “I went to Houston and Corpus Cristi where I saw the Selena Monument and visited South Padre beach.”
Madelyn Smith – Latexo 10th, “I went to my Nana’s in Kennard and worked. That’s all!”
Natalie Hopkins – Latexo 9th, “I attended the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and got to participate in the Calf Scramble. I was so excited that I caught one!”
Nayeli Popoca – CISD 9th, “I went to the Houston Rodeo with my family and supported my brother who is part of the Crockett AG welding team.”
Rebecca Zacarias – CISD 11th, “I went to Galveston and visited the zoo, Schlitterbahn and the beach.”
Thomas Luce – Latexo 12th, “My dad has a plumbing company and I worked with him. Otherwise, I just helped around the house and took care of my three-year-old nephew.”

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