Laronica Wooten-Smith Looking to Be Reelected Tax Collector

By Laronica Wooten Smith

Special to The Messenger

HOUSTON COUNTY –   To the Citizens of Houston County: My name is Laronica Wooten Smith. I live and enjoy a quiet life with my husband and two sons. I attend church regularly and serve as Administrative Assistant, Usher, other duties as needed, and currently serve as the Tax Assessor-Collector of Houston County.

Houston County, the place where I grew up, received my Elementary and High School Education, is my home for life. Over the years, the county has afforded me many opportunities. The one most notable came in 1996 at the age of 21. I was hired to work in the Tax Assessor-Collector’s office under the leadership of Joan Lucas. I brought to that setting a unique set of skills and attributes. Some of which included: exceptional reading, math, problem solving, and listening skills, along with honesty, and a strong work ethic. 

With this established background, it was very easy for me to follow the Tax Assessor-Collector’s expectations for the office. Not only did I learn the in’s and out’s of being a Tax Assessor-Collector as required by the State of Texas, I also learned to serve the needs of the local citizens with kindness, concern, accuracy, and fairness. This positive experience led to my decision to enter the political arena which resulted in my election to the very office that gave me my first job with the county.

As the current Tax Assessor-Collector, I have over 27 years of working front counter with the public and training new-hires. I am State certified, knowledgeable and well capable of serving the citizens of Houston County as Tax Assessor-Collector. Working for Houston County as Tax Assessor-Collector has been a pure delight. This achievement has certainly made a difference in my personal and professional development by providing opportunities for me as I continue to grow.

I am confident that I have the experience, the educational skills, and the motivation needed to continue being an effective Tax Assessor-Collector. Many of you have first-hand knowledge of my record which demonstrates passionate, self-driven work on behalf of Houston County. I will always care about the interests and voices of the citizens I serve. Whether it is taxes or vehicle registration, I will continue to care about making sure needs are met in a fair and efficient manner. Therefore, I am seeking a second term in office as Tax Assessor-Collector.

If elected, I will continue to work along with my staff to provide services, as established by the State of Texas and Houston County, in an efficient and transparent way. As time and situations change, I pledge to make every attempt to use proven strategies to increase efficiency and minimize errors in the Tax Assessor’s Office. I am asking you for your VOTE and support in the 2024 election.

Anyone interested in the official duties of the Tax Assessor-Collector please feel free to stop by, give me a call or go to or I look forward to seeing and visiting with you.

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