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Burglary under Investigation by HCSO


By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – A recent string of burglaries near the CR 1105 area is currently under investigation by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Houston County Sherriff Darrel Bobbitt two suspects have been identified in the investigation and added “… we have actually requested a warrant on one if the suspects and we are waiting for it to be issued.”

The sheriff said a female companion of the suspect is also under investigation but was unsure if she would be charged or not.

“After we get him, we will determine what her knowledge and participation level (in the crime) was. The suspect lives out in that area and as a matter of fact, his grandparents live out on that same road where the houses were burglarized,” he said.

The suspect has been identified as Trevor McClain. “I’m almost positive a warrant has been issued for him or is being issued for him. We are actively looking for him right now. There were a few burglaries in that area within the last month but the one we are working on is a particular one from the other night. That’s the one from CR 1105.”

McClain is described as a 23-year-old, white male, with ties to the Crockett and Grapeland areas.

County Road 1105 is located between Hwy. 7 and Hwy. 21, off of 1733. CR 1105 is off of FM 1733.

“He ran from the deputies the other night from the burglary scene. We did speak with the female companion but I’m not sure of her age as of right now. Her story was sort of flimsy, but we would like to speak with him. We will see where we go from there. We have recovered most of the stolen merchandise, but we are still looking for the main actor,” Bobbitt said.

HCSO deputies responded to a dispatch for a burglary in progress on Jan. 14 and arrested McClain. He was placed in restraints and put into the back of a patrol unit. While the initial investigation was underway, McClain was able to exit the vehicle and fled into a wooded area. A lengthy search by law enforcement officials was unsuccessful.

Persons with knowledge of McClain’s whereabouts are urged to contact the Houston County Sheriff’s Office at 936-687-2862 or Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS (8477).

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