City of Crockett Website Updated and Working

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT –   After losing their website vendor for a while this summer, the City of Crockett was proud to announce the relaunch of their new and updated website, www.crocketttexas.org. The city is required to maintain a website and procured the services of a website provider who specializes in creating site for cities like Crockett, but the wait time set the city behind further than they expected. 

With the website back online, the city was able to update and streamline the interface, looking to make the experience quicker and easier for citizens. City of Crockett Programs and Grants Manager Butch Calvert explained the city made the homepage much easier to get where you need to go. 

“It’s a lot more functional than our previous website. On the homepage, you have the six large buttons – finance, employment, meetings, transparency, pay your city bills and notices for bids. The biggest thing driving website traffic for us is the option for to pay your water bill online, and that’s fully functional,” Calvert said. 

The city’s other informational is all available online, too, from agendas for city meetings to financial information. 

“You can go to the transparency tab and see our financial data such as our budget audit reports, notice of hearings and public notices,” Calvert said. “The CEIDC meeting agenda coming up next week, drought restrictions, water quality reports – you can find it all online.”

Calvert noted one of the web services had an outage recently affecting the “pay my bill” option for a few hours, but other than such temporary hiccups, the site is up and working at full speed. 

The work is still in progress, with Culvert noting a few different ideas the city still wants to implement – along with ideas from the public. 

“For instance, the city calendar on the homepage – for now, just shows upcoming official city meetings. We want to get to a point where we’re adding more events and making it a community calendar, with more about what’s going on in town and not just what is going on at City Hall,” Calvert said. “I want to get to where it is more updated with updates on the streets we’re working on this week, ‘this street will be closed for the next few hours,’ things like that.”

So get online and explore and kick the tires of the new city website! www.crocketttexas.org

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