Kennard Tiger Baseball Coach’s Show 

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

KENNARD – Before the recent playoff games against Brookeland in Nacodoches, The Messenger was able to catch up with Coach Blake Wallace and some of the players who have taken this team so far over the last few years. Please click on the link below to see the full video interview, sponsored by State Representative Trent Ashby.

Coach Blake Wallace

What do you think has been going so well this season for the Tigers?

“Lately, we’ve made a little bit of a run. I think playing some 3A teams this year has helped us a lot for this part of the season. I mean, 1A teams have scored eight runs against us all year. I think making that schedule the way that we did has helped us in the long run. We may not have started out with the best record but it’s going to help us push past some of these other guys. It’s really been pitching and putting the ball in play. But for this series, I think the key is playing good defense. Defensively, our pitchers are going to do what they’re supposed to do and we’re going to put the ball in play but we have to be in place behind them.”

What are your thoughts going into the series against Brookeland?

“The better team is gonna win it’s a series so that’s what we’re gonna watch. Who’s gonna make the play Who’s got the one thing I think that we have that the other team doesn’t has? We’ve got seven guys who have been there really more because we’ve been there. So I think that may help us.”

Catcher Keyton Lumbreraz, Senior

“I feel pretty good about the upcoming series. I think our pitching and catching is going to show out and I don’t think they’re going to be able to hit us. It’s going to come down to defense and we have to hit the ball. I’m pretty excited. I definitely put my classwork first and making sure I have good grades. And then everyday, we have practice for two hours. It’s nothing but baseball, when we go out there – it’s all we’re worried about. After high school, I will be going on the road going to work and hopefully pursue my career on the pipeline.”

Third-baseman Elijah Dowdy, Senior

“This is my first year playing third base full-time because last year and the year before, I played mainly outfield. So it was a big change for me. For the upcoming series, there’s a lot of different factors that come into play. We have a lot of experience. Most of us seniors have been playing ball with each other since we were little kids. I put school first and I’ve been able to balance it out pretty well with baseball. I plan to go to work for the fire, forest service or police.”

Pitcher Jayden Kulms, Senior

“This year, I figured my role early on in the year. I have a big role and I like to be the leader of the team. When I go out on the mound, I know my defense is behind me and the bats are behind me as well. So every time I go out, I’m confident. Brookeland likes to bunt a lot, which we’ve been working on. So hopefully we execute that side of the ball. I do plan on going to play in college. I’m not exactly sure yet, but that is the plan, and get my degree in kinesiology.”

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