CISD Representation at the Houston County Fair

By Mia Davis, Hannah Bertrand, and Andrea Cruz

Messenger Student Journalists from Crockett ISD

(This article was prepared and written by some of the student journalists The Messenger is working with to improve their writing skills and give them experience in the real world of journalism and communications. This story is from some of the participants from Crockett High School and The Messenger would like to thank English Teacher Tori Stallones and her amazing students for participating.)

CROCKETT –   The Annual Houston County Fair was such a fun time. Whether you were an participating exhibitor or were just observing, it was very entertaining. At this fair, the Crockett Independent School District (CISD) students have again shown their dynamic contribution to this community. They show animals, nurture and grow plants and present beautiful artwork, baked goods and photos. 

There are a multitude of students that show animals including rabbits, cows and chickens. They competed and presented in quality shows along with showmanship competitions. CISD also has an agriculture program called “Bulldog Rabbitry.” It consists of Agricultural Advisor Cassie Morrison, students Diana Gomez Mancilla, Barn Manager Sherlyn Garcia and Quality Control Manager and Barn Assistant Mia Davis. That program has been very successful, along with many others. Many students participate and can have their rabbits at the on-campus barn or in their own homes. One of their members also won Reserve Champion Breeding Doe and received a banner and belt buckle.

For those interested in botany and greenery, exhibitors also grew the most lovely plants. They grew multiple beautiful plants and agricultural products from English Ivy to Pothos. They were judged by their quality and growth; the community even purchased some because of their condition.

Students also displayed their artwork and photographs in the Crockett Civic Center. The student’s artistic talent was illustrated magnificently. Their creative abilities have no limits, and all ages of school children show that. Even through their photographs, you can appreciate the creativity of their brilliant minds.

Members of the county were welcome to purchase the items or animals that were for sale. This included the delicious baked goods such as cakes and cookies that were showcased and available to purchase. 

Many people had so much fun at this event and the students at CISD made it even more enjoyable.

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