2022 Anderson County Primary Unofficial Election Results

Three Runoffs Produced

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

 ANDERSONCOUNTY – The 2022 election season is in full swing and on Tuesday, March 1 voters went to the polls in the Anderson County primary elections to choose the candidates they would like to represent them on the November ballot at the federal, state and county levels.

Anderson County has 29,128 registered voters and a total of 7,038 ballots were cast. This represented a mark of 24.16% in voter turnout. 

There were seven contested races in the county which produced three runoffs and 13 uncontested races.

Starting with the contested races, the County Judge position had three candidates running in the Republican Primary. Carey G. McKinney received 3,275 votes, Robert Johnston received 2,227 and Jon Watson received 1,224.

As a result, McKinney and Johnston will face each other in a run-off election scheduled for May 24.

In the race for the District Judge of the 87th Judicial District, the Anderson County results showed Dan Scarbrough received 1474 votes, Stanley Sokolowski received 1382 votes, Brian Walsh received 843 votes and Amy Thomas Ward received 466 votes.

However, when the entire voting district was counted to include Freestone, Leon and Limestone counties the results showed Ward received 5,697 votes, Scarbrough received 3,706 votes, Sokolowski received 3,544 votes and Walsh received 2,216 votes.

As a result, Ward and Scarbrough will face off against one another in a run-off election scheduled for May 24.

In the race for Anderson County Precinct Four County Commissioner, five candidates signed up to run. When the votes were cast on Tuesday, the results showed Joey Hill on top with 716 votes while Barry R. Bedre was in second with 511 votes. Eddie Baker finished third with 464 votes, Mike Taylor received 114 votes and Chad Lee received 73 votes.

As a result, Hill and Bedre will face off against one another in a run-off election scheduled for May 24.

In the other contested races:

  • County Court-at-Law Judge – Jeff Doran received 4751 votes while Brenda Johnston received 1901.
  • County Treasurer – Tara Lambright Holliday received 4342 votes while Jake Odom received 1746.
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct Two Republican Primary – Tammy Lightfoot received 653 votes while Steve Quick received 309.
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct Two Democratic Primary – Karen D. Taylor received 273 votes while Linda Bostick Ray received 76.

In the uncontested races:

  • Criminal District Attorney – Allyson Mitchell received 5,072 votes.
  • District Clerk – Teresia Perry Coker received 5,058 votes.
  • County Commissioner Precinct Two (DEM) – Rashad Q. Mims received 348 votes.
  • County Commissioner Precinct Two (REP) – David Braun received 778 votes.
  • District Judge, 369th Judicial District Michael Davis received 4,987 votes.
  • County Clerk – Mark Staples received 5,220 votes.
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct One – Gary D. Thomas received 1,395 votes.
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct Three – James E. Todd received 1,614 votes
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct Four (REP) – James W. Westley received 1,422 votes.
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct Four (DEM) Kathleen Caston received 149 votes.
  • County Surveyor – Gene Russel received 4922 votes.
  • Republican County Chair – Travis Higginbotham received 4,884 votes.
  • Democratic County Chair – Tracy Torma received 702 votes.

The totals listed above represent 100 percent of the Anderson County precincts. The vote is not considered official until the ballots have been canvassed and certified.

Will Johnson may be contacted via e-mail at [email protected].   

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