Grapeland Noon Lions Club Postpones Annual Golf Tournament

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GRAPELAND – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the Grapeland Noon Lions to change the date of their Annual Golf Tournament. Originally scheduled for June 6, it will now be held on Sept. 19. The tournament will still be played at the Elkhart Golf Course.

This is our biggest fund raiser each year and we do appreciate all of our golf sponsors.  We want them to know if they have already donated to this cause, the funds will indeed be used for local community service projects and help finance the tournament later. 

We have halted our calls on sponsors until closer to the tournament, hoping each business has time to recover from the virus mandatory shutdowns.  We want all of our businesses to succeed and we would never want anyone to donate to our service club that would harm their operation.

Also, we do not want to put anyone in harm’s way by contacting COVID-19. By September, however, we feel this threat should be behind us. We hope to see a large crowd of golfers in September. Thank you both golfers and sponsors for your continued support and for helping in our efforts to serve our community!

Submitted by Martha Childress, Secretary

Grapeland Noon Lions Club

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