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Grapeland ISD Field House Robbed


Gator, Two Lawnmowers Ripped Off

By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – With football season set to open in just over a month, thieves robbed the Grapeland ISD Field House and made off with two zero-turn lawnmowers, an ATV and several other pieces of equipment.

“We had two lawnmowers stolen from us,” Grapeland Athletic Director Terry Ward said on Thursday. “One was a Kubota zero-turn and the other was a Husqvarna zero-turn. Both of them were probably a 54” or 60”. We also had our Gator (ATV) stolen.”

“I went up there Saturday (June 22) to mow – they were there Thursday (June 20) – and they were not there on Saturday. It looks like they were stolen between sometime Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning,” he said.

Ward said the equipment was locked up “… and they also had chains on them, too. Somehow, they got inside, got the locks open, cut the chains and took ‘em.”

Despite the best efforts of local law enforcement officials, Ward said there are currently no leads in the theft.

When asked for an estimated value on the stolen items, Ward said, “It’s probably about $15,000 worth of stuff. Between the Gator and both mowers – I also think there was a weed-eater taken – I would estimate probably around $15,000.”

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