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Improprieties Alleged in Early Voting

Houston County DA Launches Investigation


Houston County DA Launches Investigation

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – To say the months and days leading up to the May 4 election have been contentious would be an understatement of epic proportions. Mud-slinging has become the norm. Inaccurate statements – along with blatant falsehoods – about this candidate or that ballot initiative have created an air of hostility between neighbors and friends.

As a result, the Houston County political landscape in 2019 has seemingly devolved into a microcosm of the national political arena, up to and including alleged improprieties at early voting locations throughout the county.

Earlier this week, rumors of outright voter fraud began to swirl around City Hall in Crockett. With the hopes of dispelling and quashing these allegations, a call was placed to the Houston County District Attorney’s office.

Rather than dispelling the rumors and innuendos, District Attorney Donna Kaspar confirmed an investigation into the 2019 election has been launched by her office.

“We have had a couple of complaints about the way they are doing things. I don’t know if they will pan out, but we are looking into it,” the DA indicated on Thursday, May 2.

Asked what the complaints alleged, Kaspar replied because of the ongoing nature of the investigation, she would rather not say what the grievances concern.

“I don’t know if there will be an offense, at this point. We don’t have enough information as of yet,” she added.

Regarding how this might affect the balloting – if the allegations are proven to be true – Kaspar said she would be unable to do anything about the election.

“Maybe they could do some type of recount. I don’t take part in that. All I can do is file (charges) on somebody if we find a criminal offense has occurred,” she said.

Questioned if the alleged offenses were felonies or misdemeanors, the DA said she was unsure as of right now.

“It depends on the facts we ultimately determine. At this point, we’re not sure whether this will be a misdemeanor or a felony. There are a few things in the election code which could be considered as a felony and there are a few other things that could be a misdemeanor. With the information we have right now, we’re just not sure,” she explained.

Specifically asked if an investigation was underway, Kaspar replied, “Yes. There have been some complaints that we are looking into. Right now, we just don’t know very much.”

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