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Ho. Co. Commissioners Sign Disaster Declaration


Order Results from Excessive Rainfall

By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – In a special called meeting of the Houston County Commissioners Court, a proclamation to declare a local disaster, due to excessive rainfall, was enacted by the court.

The proclamation was actually issued on Oct. 22 but was not signed by the full court until Friday, Nov. 2. It states Houston County Judge Jim Lovell issued the proclamation resulting from excessive rainfall which began on Oct. 13 and caused flood damage to streets, roadways and drainage infrastructure.

“The conditions,” the order stated, “necessitating declaration of a state disaster continue to exist.”

According to Section 418.08 of the Texas Disaster Act of 1975, “… a local state of disaster may not be continued for a period in excess of seven days without the consent of the governing body (Commissioners Court) of a political subdivision.”

The order takes effect immediately – retroactive to Oct. 22 – and will continue until Nov. 22 or until the commissioners terminate it.

Asked what the proclamation allows for, the county judge said, “Hopefully we can get some funds to help our roads with this declaration. That’s what I’m hoping for.”

Lovell said he had recently been in Precinct Three to assess the damage caused by the October deluge.

“The two roads I traveled on with Commissioner (Pat) Perry yesterday (Nov. 1), were in terrible shape.

Questioned about the turnaround time for the possible acquisition of funds, Lovell said he was unsure how long the process would take but added, “If it is federal dollars, it’ll be slow. I’m going to do some calling around today and maybe I’ll know a little bit more after that.”

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