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Drug Possession Bust Trifecta


By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – A Trinity woman hit the drug possession bust trifecta after the vehicle she was traveling in was pulled over for not displaying a front license plate.

Peggy Moseley Groze, 58, was arrested and charged with: possession of a controlled substance, penalty group one; possession of a controlled substance, penalty group two; and possession of a controlled substance, penalty group three following a routine traffic stop.

She was also arrested and charged with possession of a dangerous drug as well as a warrant out of Walker County for theft of property.

According to an arrest affidavit filed by Department of Public Safety Trooper Steven Prater, the trooper was on routine patrol on Friday, Aug. 3 when he observed a white Ford pickup traveling on U.S. Highway 287 without a front license plate.

After conducting a traffic stop, the DPS trooper observed a woman, later identified as Peggy Groze, in the backseat who appeared to be acting in a nervous manner.

Prater ran her identification through dispatch in Lufkin and discovered she had a warrant out for her arrest in Walker County.

“While speaking with Peggy Groze, she stated she might have an open container in her bag,” the affidavit reported.

Groze gave Prater consent to search her bag and the DPS trooper found an open container which held a mixture of cola and whiskey, the affidavit reported. Prater continued his search and “… found a white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine.”

Groze was placed under arrest and placed in the front seat of Prater’s patrol unit as he continued the search.

During the search, Prater discovered 11 pills believed to be ecstasy, nine pills identified as hydrocodone and a prescription bottle for someone other than Groze containing Promethazine.

Groze was transported to the Houston County Jail where she booked in on three counts of possession, theft and possession of a dangerous drug.

The penalty group one possession charge is considered a third degree felony. The penalty group two possession charge is considered a state jail felony and the penalty group three charge is considered a Class A misdemeanor.

The driver of the vehicle was not arrested and did not appear on the Monday jail report.

The total bond for Groze was set at $24,000. She is still held in the Houston County Jail.

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