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Weekly Bible Commentary 4-8


Genesis 33 – “Jacob’s Sons Take Revenge”

Jacob had one daughter, Dinah. At this time Jacob is living in Canaan among the Hivites. One of these men, Shechem, rapes Dinah. The result is that Simeon and Levi destroy the Hivite city killing every male and rescue their sister from Shechem’s house! They also carry off all the wealth of the city.

The Lord tells Jacob to flee to Bethel. Jacob tells his family to get rid of all the idols among them. God appears to Jacob again and promises to give him and his children the land of Canaan.

This promise began to be fulfilled in 1948. It will be completely fulfilled after the Rapture of the Church (all believers), the seven years of Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Christ to the earth with Ten Thousands of His saints (believers). At that time the Lord Jesus will establish His Kingdom, ruling upon David’s throne from Jerusalem, over the entire earth with an iron hand for 1,000 years. Christians will rule and reign with Christ. The Christians will be given places to rule over in accordance with their faithfulness during their lifetime on the earth! It is very interesting that in this chapter God promises to Jacob (Israel) again, the Land He had already promised to Abraham and Isaac. Our Vice President has promised that the U.S. Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem within the year.

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