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THE WEEKENDER: Hunters and Hogs



 “Hunters and Hogs”

By Clyde Black


It’s hard to believe that it’s August already.  Before long school will have started and hunters are getting ready for the fall.  Personally, I’d like to get all the hunters this year to focus on hogs and leave the skinny little deer alone!  You will get a lot more meat and have less trouble with the game wardens!  Most of the local landowners will appreciate the fact that you are helping rid us of those critters.  It’s actually pretty sporty too!  Those little piggys, big ones too, move fast!  It’s kind of like trying to shoot quail with a pistol! Seriously, don’t get careless with the hogs.  Our local vets and cowboys can tell you how dangerous they can be!

It’s rumored that the Sons of Arthritis may be on the move again.  You may remember the series of articles a couple of years ago about some old guys on motorcycles making their way across the scenic west and the national parks of Colorado and Utah.  It was on that adventure that yours truly was mistakenly identified as the actor Sam Elliott.  Yes, a group of ladies on an English tour thought I was the guy!  I can understand their mistake.  Happens all the time!

The Sons are planning this time to go on to northern California and visit the giant Sequoia and Red Woods then travel south on Hwy 1 along the coast.  The plan is to travel through the Ponderosa, hook up with Ben, Hoss and Little Joe then head for home.  Plans are always subject to change and circumstance but it’s fun to think about.  God bless Houston County and all of you who serve your community by volunteering in one thing or another.  You are special.