Rain Still in Forecast

By Sarah Naron

Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – After increasingly dark clouds rolled into the skies above Houston County midway through the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 20, the area experienced a torrential downpour and some quite impressive strikes of lightning.

The brief thundershower is the first of many expected to be experienced by the Grapeland area throughout the remainder of the week. Forecasts for the local area anticipated a total rainfall of one inch Tuesday with chances of rain remaining high during the night.

Chances of rain were predicted to be at 100 percent for Wednesday, Feb. 21, on which the area was expected to receive another inch or so of rainfall. Rain chances dropped slightly to 80 percent for Thursday, Feb. 22 with thunderstorms still a possibility.

A decrease in the likelihood of rain and thunderstorms is not expected for the area until Friday, Feb. 23, when the skies turn partly cloudy until late Friday night and chances of rainfall are anticipated to drop to approximately 40 percent.

The weekend looks to be a rainy one with chances of thunderstorms and showers spiking back up to roughly 90 percent Saturday, Feb. 24. While the skies are expected to clear late Saturday night, chances of showers remains at 60 percent throughout Sunday, Feb. 25 before dropping to 10 percent during the night, which is expected to be partly cloudy.

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