THE WEEKENDER: All Things Considered….

By Clyde Black

 All things considered, life is pretty good for us here in Houston County. We work, handle our issues and go about our business.  However, we can’t ignore what is going on nationally because it’s going to affect us sooner or later.  I’m talking about the apparent crumbling of the foundation of our system, institutions and national government.

As an ex lawman and Marine, it breaks my heart to see and learn of the treasonous behavior of top FBI officials and the obvious corruption of that and other federal agencies.

 I’ve written in these pages before that all my experience tells me that President #44 (whose name I will not speak) was/is a Muslim and tried to change the American System of government and he was willing to bring it to destruction!  I had hoped the FBI was above it but it now appears that the fix was in for Hilliary Clinton to win the presidency and the FBI and some of it’s secret societies did what they could to make that happen.

Let’s see what 44 accomplished: 1) the Iranian nuke deal and millions to Iran:  2) sale of Uranium to Russia of all people: 3) IRS and Health and Human Resources abuses of conservative groups: 4) Flooding the US with illegal aliens: 5) Turning against Egypt when they kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood: 6) Weakening the military: 7) #44 care and remember if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor (lie):  8) Weakening our southern border and not allowing Immigration to do it’s job: 9) Trading a known deserter for five terrorists: 10)Pardoning a “gender fluid” traitor from the rest of his sentence who now wants to run for the US Senate: 11)  Spending almost $800 BILLION on “shovel-ready projects” that weren’t shovel-ready or really projects (god only knows where that money went).


 Whenever there is a riot in our communities and our young go crazy with looting and burning everyone mistakenly blames the Criminal Justice System.  WRONG.  It is the ingrained distrust of those folks of our government and the poor old cops are the most convenient target of frustration.

When our government behaves the way it is how can you blame citizens for their frustration?  We must get behind President Trump as he attempts to clean up the mess and restore greatness to our country.  He wasn’t my original choice and his New York City attitude is hard to take but he may be the only person strong enough to take the “heat” and make the decisions necessary to clean up Washington.  I’m pulling for the guy and hope he stays strong.  Lord, please help us.

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