Home Columnist WEEKLY BIBLE COMMENTARY by Wes Woodard: Genesis 20

WEEKLY BIBLE COMMENTARY by Wes Woodard: Genesis 20


Genesis 20 – “Abraham Lies About Sarah”

In this chapter Abraham tells Abimelech, King of Gerar, that Sarah is his sister! So, Abimelech takes her to be his wife!  However, before he has relations with her, God comes to him and says not to touch her. Abimelech tells the Lord that he is innocent because both Abraham and Sarah said she was Abraham’s sister!

God tells him to restore her to Abraham and also that Abraham is a prophet and will, upon the basis of the restoration procedure, he will bless him.

The next day all this takes place. Abimelech questions Abraham about why he lied to him. Abraham replies that it was because he felt Abimelech had no fear of God, as the King of Gerar. This was not true. Abimelech did fear the God of Abraham.  The story ends well. Praise the Lord. Amen.