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THE WEEKENDER: “Thanksgiving, Cowboys and Local Government”




By the time you get this column, Thanksgiving will have come and gone.  If you’re like me you wish you had not had so much to eat and feeling guilty about all that pie!  I’m thinking the Cowboys are now 10-1 and I’m thinking about selling parking space out here for the Super Bowl in Houston.  I’ll hire some busses to transport fans to Houston so they don’t have to deal with traffic.  Any investors interested in my plan out there?  Let’s not forget about our local high school teams as they continue on in the playoffs. 


Not to bore anyone with politics but things are interesting both nationally and locally.  Judge Erin Ford resigned as County Judge and Jim Lovell has just been appointed by the Commissioners Court of our County. I did not always agree with Judge Ford but I think he did a great job!  He was inclusive to everyone and I never heard him talk down to anyone.  He made everyone he contacted feel important.  What a great quality!  Every time he saw me he told me I was a good man.  That’s really a nice thing to hear.  Truth is that he probably told everyone the same thing and that’s alright by me.  Judge Ford listened to everyone and worked tirelessly for the county.  I’m convinced his decisions were always for the good of the county and not for any personal gain.  Judge Ford and his wife, Geneva, were everywhere at every kind of function in service to the county.  Thank you both.  I’m proud to count you as friends.


Now, let’s get behind Jim Lovell.  He has stepped into a tough job.  I think a lot of very good people were considered for the job.  The Commissioners have spoken and Jim is the new County Judge.  My job is to continue to promote Houston County and be available for the Judge if he needs me.  We all need to give him our support and pray for his success.  My Aunt, Dorothy Rogers, lived in Alto for years as a widow and passed this past year.  Before I even moved here she told me about Jim Lovell and how helpful he was to her with her little herd of cows. He helped her see that her cows were cared for and taken to market on time.  I’m sure that the little business she provided was not significant to Jim’s success but he still took the time and effort to treat my little elderly aunt with respect and courtesy.  That tells you a lot about a man!  Good luck Jim and thanks, Erin.  May God continue to bless Houston County.