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Crockett ISD Recognizes Championship Jr. High UIL Team


By Will Johnson                                                                                                                                                                             Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – Students from the Crockett Junior High campus were recognized for capturing the District 21 AAA UIL Academic Championship during a meeting of the Crockett ISD Board of Trustees on Monday, Dec. 18.

The first recognition went to the cast and crew of the Jr. High One Act Play. The play was entitled “The Trial of Goldilocks” and was directed by Janet Walker.

“I have won first before and I have got the best actor and actress before, but I never had all three of them at the same time. We received first place, best actress (Leanna Tran), best actor (Joseph Tuggle), best actor (Trinity Meadows), all-star cast (Trinity Meadows), all-star cast (Christopher Hernandez), honorable mention all-star cast (Y’Toriah Lamb) and the tech award (Emily Bailey),” Walker said.

The drama teacher explained why there were two best actor awards handed out, initially.

“There was a mishap. It really wasn’t a mishap but probably the best honor you could ever have. Trinity Meadows played a judge and she played a male judge. Because her name is Trinity and the (OAP) judge didn’t know who she was and because she played it so well, he did not know she was a female. He gave her best actor,” she said.

Walker indicated UIL rules don’t allow for a female to be awarded the best actor honor.

She is still best actor in our department but she is also all-star cast.

Other performers and crew members included: Anthony Daigle; Julia Tapia; Trey White; Alonzo Cervantes; Alyssa Higgins; Truman Robinson; A’Christa Price; Robert Shroyer; Madison Kendrick; Katlyn Marshall; Vicente Lopez; Liliana Gonzales; and Honie Griffin.

The next recognition was for Jr. High Band Students. Those recognized included: Jacqueline; David Hernandez; Aldo Hernandez; DeAnthony Elis; and Brandon Marrs.

Following the band recognition, the three now four-time District 21-AAA Jr. High UIL Academics team was announced.

The team members included: Devin Adams; Keylana Allen; Erick Antonio; Jamie Arvizu; Ryan Arvizu; Emily Bailey; Chris Burks; Wendy Carcamo; Alonzo Cervantes; Shelby Coker; Andrea Cruz; Emili Cruz; Marlen Cruz; Gerson Cruz-Carcamo; Anthony Daigle; Keyona Davis; DeAnthony Ellis; Madison Faulk; Ariagna Galicia; Omar Garcia; Ariana Gonzales; Liliana Gonzalez; Jaycee Graham; Honie Griffin; Yesinia Guzman-Espino; Aldo Hernandez; Christopher Hernandez; Alyssa Higgins; Tocarra Johnson; Y’Toriah Lamb; Tristin Mancilla; Brandon Marrs; Katlyn Marshall; Mayra Martinez; Ebeely Mata; Trinity Meadows; Carlissa Moten; Perla Ocampo-Rodriguez; Stasia Parker; Isaac Perez; Ruth Perez; Halle Ponce; Dylan Porter; A’Christa Price; Jasmine Quintero; Olivia Richardson; Iverson Rischer; Truman Robinson; Cathy Saavedra; Ruben Sanchez; Amyia Sandles; Robert Shroyer; Jacqueline Stewart; Rayla Strickland; Lamara Stuart; Julia Tapia Antwaun Taylor; Leanna Tran; Joseph Tuggle; Meredith Tuggle; Andrea Villanueva; Angel Walker; Faith Wheeler; and A’Nayah Wooten.

“Like I have said before,” CISD Superintendent Terry Myers commented, “I don’t care if we win state in anything, except in academics. We are four years in a row (champions in Jr. High UIL Academics) and right behind you, we have two years in a row of championships at the elementary level. We are building a tremendous academic track record here in Crockett.”

As the meeting continued, the approval of TASB Policy Update 109 was discussed by the board members. TASB Policy Update 109 encompasses changes in law from the 85th Legislative Session that have an immediate effect on the governance and management of the district. The items covered in the update include:

  • Board member requests for records and visits to campuses;
  • Security of polling places;
  • District investments;
  • Criminal history for contractors and subcontractors;
  • Prepaid meal card/accounts for students;
  • Board delegation of certain termination actions;
  • Employee standards of conduct, including electronic communications with students;
  • Possession of firearms on locked vehicles in district parking areas;
  • Cameras in special education classrooms;
  • Parental notification of certain educator misconduct with students;
  • Transportation funding for areas with a high risk of violence;
  • Student issues, including attendance, bullying, mental health, and lice notification;
  • Refusing entry to or ejecting persons from district property and visits by sex offenders to district premises;
  • Responding to Public Information Act requests;
  • Opportunities for patriotic society representatives to speak to students.

Other items brought before the CISD Board of Trustees included:

  • The approval of consent agenda items.
  • The approval of the Continuing Education Credit Board Training report.
  • The approval of corrected Administrative Salary Schedule.
  • The approval of hiring Julie Beard as a first grade teacher and David Christie as an FFA advisor.
  • The approval of the Pineywoods Targeted Elements Plan.

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