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Crockett Man Indicted On Aggravated Sexual Assault Charge


By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

ANGELINA COUNTY – An Angelina County grand jury indicted 40-year-old Harvey Stewart for his role in an aggravated sexual assault.

Stewart, from Crockett, is alleged to have helped facilitate and joined in a sexual encounter between two residents of the Lufkin State Supported Living Center. The center is a 24-hour residential facility for mentally handicapped individuals with varying degrees of disabilities.

According to an arrest warrant, the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office was contacted on Dec. 29, 2016 about a “… sexual incident alleged to have occurred between two residents and an employee of the facility.”

The notification was made by another staff member of the facility after a female resident informed the staff member she was upset with her boyfriend, also a resident at the facility. According to the warrant, the female resident said she was upset because she and her boyfriend had recently engaged in sexual intercourse and he was now showing interest in another female resident at the facility.

“When (the staff member) heard her say she and (the male resident) had sexual intercourse, (the staff member) began pursuing this comment and asked (the female resident) about this. (The female resident) told (the staff member) that she and (the male resident) had sex in a ‘cubby hole’ on campus and that ‘Uncle Harvey’ was with them and even participated in the act,” the warrant stated.

The staff member filed a report on the matter and immediately contacted the Office of the Inspector General. The IG’s office sent an investigator to the Lufkin facility the next day. After the report was filed, the male and female residents were kept apart until the investigator could question both individuals.

The affidavit reported the female resident told the investigator that she and the male resident “… had walked to a ‘cubby hole’ on campus where there were not a lot of people and they would not get caught. Accompanying them to the hole was (the male resident’s) supervising staff member, Harvey Stewart.”

The report stated Stewart informed the two residents he was going to give them a Christmas present by allowing the two residents to engage in sexual intercourse with each other. During the sexual act, the female resident alleged Stewart began to touch her genital area while she performed oral sex on Stewart.

According to an arrest affidavit, the victim said Stewart told her and her boyfriend he would allow them to have sex together as a Christmas present. During the sexual encounter, Stewart was alleged to have sexually assaulted the victim and had her perform a sex act on him.

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