Home Columnist HORACE MCQUEEN: Random Thoughts on a Sweltering Day

HORACE MCQUEEN: Random Thoughts on a Sweltering Day


Thank goodness for air conditioning. Now to figure out a way to bring cooler air to necessary chores on the farm — like fence mending, mowing and spraying pastures and working calves.

The farming business never gets boring — every day brings new challenges. Today, it started with a 150-Ford pickup that would not turn over. So, jump started the old girl and drove it to All-Star Ford in Palestine to get a new battery and oil change. Then bought fuel — the ethanol-free variety — for lawn mowers, and diesel for tractors. Just another day in paradise!

Nice letter from good friend Elton Bomer, who lives in Anderson County. Elton is a former member of the Texas Legislature, advisor to former U.S. presidents — and most of all, just a top notch citizen.

With his political savvy, and honesty, he would have made a great member of the U.S. Congress or Secretary of Agriculture

When it comes to the political scene of present day, I get confused by the rhetoric espoused by our elected “leaders.”

President Trump has issued an executive order promoting a renewed effort to buy American products and restoring jobs for our workers. Sounds good — but these are just words when it comes to promoting U.S. beef and pork.

Our consumers have no way of knowing if their burger patty came from Iowa or Brazil.

Close to 90 percent  of American-raised beef is sold here at home, with just over 10 percent sold to other countries. That exported beef — and pork — has to be labeled as a “Product of the U.S.A”. But the beef and pork raised here, on our own soil, and sold to our citizens cannot be labeled as a product of our own farms and ranches. We need to lean on Farm Bureau and other “farm” organizations to leave the bed of the big meat packers and give our consumers the right to put country of origin labels on our superior meat products.

When it comes to trees, Texas Governor Greg Abbott rants that it is “socialistic” to have local laws protecting trees. Abbott is still upset that the city of Austin made him plant new trees on his property several years ago. This was the ruling after a large pecan tree that was protected by law was cut down so the Governor could build a new swimming pool. In his call for a special Legislative session that begins on July 18, Abbott has included an item that would override tree ordinances anywhere in Texas.


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