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THE WEEKENDER: “President Elect”



A lot of folks are surprised that Donald Trump is our President Elect.  People just didn’t realize how mad the middle class is at our government and elected officials. The anger has been brewing for a long time. If you are a middle class person you can’t actually remember when the federal government did anything for you. We all know that taxes have gone up and regulations have increased. About the only tax deduction any of us have anymore is our mortgage interest. We have watched as illegal immigrants are given more welfare dollars than we can earn. Welfare recipients have learned how to maneuver in the system to be able to earn more than most of us with jobs are able to earn. Yeah, the middle class is tired of it.

The Messenger recently published the acclaimed article, Sons of Arthritis, and anyone who read that series could have predicted a Trump victory. The series pointed out that folks all over this great land were upset and worried about the direction our civil leaders were taking. (Ok, Ok. It was an acclaimed article at my house.) Please notice that I am not blaming one political party or the other. One party has gone way left and burn and pillage if they don’t get their way. The other is full of wimps who are afraid to stand up to anybody or anything. Hopefully, Mr. Trump is exactly what we need right now.

On a personal level, I don’t think I would like to hang around with our new President Elect. It’s hard for some of us in the South to be comfortable with his New York “directness”. In other words, I think he’s got a foul mouth and I’m just not geared that way. But, I’ll be very proud of him if he can just get our health insurance affordable, strengthen our military and protect us and create more jobs. Good luck to our new President Elect and I pray that he’s blessed with wisdom and that the wisdom is for the good of our people. Thank you Lord for all of our blessings!

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