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Commissioners Court Approves Bid Acceptance for Roadwork on CR 2210


By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

HOUSTON COUNTY – In a called meeting of the Houston County Commissioners Court, the commissioners approved accepting bids for roadwork on County Road 2210.

The meeting was held on Tuesday, June 20 with only two items on the court’s agenda.

Once the meeting was called to order by County Judge Jim Lovell – and with no comments from the public – the court addressed the listed agenda item.

During a meeting of the commissioners court held on June 13, a motion to declare a 140 M 3 motograder in Precinct Three as surplus was tabled for further consideration.

On Tuesday of this week the motion was brought before the court once again and with no discussion, a motion was made seconded and approved to declare the motograder as surplus and to advertise it for sale.

The final agenda item had also been previously discussed by the court and concerned improvements to CR 2210, outside of Grapeland.

In a meeting held on May 23, Precinct Two Commissioner Willie Kitchen said he had received an unsolicited phone call from a representative of Sunoco Pipeline, L.P. concerning improvements to a portion CR 2210 in his precinct.

“He asked if they needed permits to improve CR 2210, at the end of FM 227, down to the entrance to their plant,” the commissioner said during the May 23 meeting.

Kitchen added that after a brief discussion with the Sunoco representative, it was determined it would be best if the county handled the project and was reimbursed for the work.

“What they have agreed to do – and the county attorney (Daphne Session) has had a chance to look over the agreement and has given her blessing – is that I will submit an estimate and they will pay up to 125 percent of my estimate,” Kitchen explained in the earlier meeting.

The commissioner indicated the plan was to lime stabilize eight inches of the existing road, then apply eight inches of limestone and to replace any culverts/drainage devices that need to be serviced.

“They have even e-mailed a plan of grading, slopes and elevations. They have gone above and beyond. I’m not sure what their plan is because the plant has been there for probably 50 or 75 years, but it sounds like they are going to upgrade the plant because of the new pipeline that came through out there,” he said.

Kitchen estimated the project’s cost at approximately $160,000 and stressed it would not cost the county any money. He explained he based the estimate on previous road projects of a similar nature

After the court decided some of the current wording in the agreement needed to be changed before the county could begin to seek bids, a motion to approve the agreement between the county and Sunoco – pending the changes – was unanimously approved.

Following the modifications to contract, Kitchen brought the matter before the court once again on Tuesday of this week and made a motion for the county to begin accepting bids for the road construction project on CR 2210.

The services to CR 2210 include: re-grading the roadway and the ditches over a distance of 5,400 feet; the installation of 2,223 tons of clay to build up the roadway; the installation of 210 tons of bulk cement and 12,000 square yards of cement stabilization; the delivery of 7,050 tons of crushed limestone rock; the removal of 24 inch reinforced concrete pipe CP and the replacement of it with 12 inch steel culverts; and the removal of 10 existing driveway culverts and the replacement of the culverts with ADS pipe.

The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. With no further business, the court session was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

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