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THE WEEKENDER: Father’s Day Angel


“Father’s Day Angel”

This article is going to come out on Father’s Day.  Let me first of all say thank you to all dads who have worked hard to take care of their families and for teaching your children love and respect.

To all you kids who wonder what to get dad for a present please don’t feel obligated to buy him a tie or plaid shorts!  A simple phone call and expression of love would be great!  Claire and I have reached an age that dictates both our parents have passed away.  For her dad we transplanted a small pine from his funeral to our backyard.  It’s now over 15 feet tall and we call it the Cooper Pine as his name was Bob Cooper.  My dad’s name was Charlie.  He was a great cattleman so I named my beloved bull, Charlie.  He’s retired now but will always have a place of respect here on the ranch.

Sometimes I look around and become concerned at the kind of people who can produce children.  It’s scary! There is something inside me that wants to say that the mere ability to produce a child does not a father make.  But to those dads that love their kids and tell them so, live up to the responsibilities of parenthood, teach respect for law and give their children a sense of personal responsibility, I say thank you and you have my respect and admiration.

I have a special note this year to a special group of dads.  Special is probably not the right word but as I explain I hope you will understand.  Many of us who have had children have lost them.

Nothing prepares you for that and contrary to what you may have heard, there is no closure.  Forget it.  It does not exist.  These dads live with pain and unearned guilt every day.  Maybe if I had done something different my child would still be here.

Dads, I want you give yourself a break this Father’s Day.  I know it is not your favorite time of the year.  I choose to believe that Ashley was an angel the Lord sent to me to help me grow up and mature.  She taught me love and like an angel, has moved on to help someone else. An angel.


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